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Uwe Boll needs you Peter Wonkley!


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Peter, Uwe a besoin de toi pour financer son film de terroriste avec Ralf Moller.


Every system has its weak points - BLACKOUT!



The new Film by director Uwe Boll


A unique opportunity – Help us to film a motion picture.

Become a co-producer!


What we need: A total budget in the amount of $18,500,000.- US




What we offer:


* In exchange for receiving a payment of 33 euros ($49 US) and as soon as the film is completed, you will receive a limited special edition dvd of the film and a certificate which has the signatures of leading actors, producers and director, Uwe Boll, on it. The film will be marketed world-wide but the limited special edition dvd is only available for participants who took part in this venture. It will not be available in stores or at video rental shops.


* A raffle will take place in which 50 trips to the film location in Canada will be given away to the chosen participants. Of these 50, 25 women and 25 men will participate in a public casting where a female and male supporting actor will be chosen to be in the film. All expenses for the trip, for the stay, and for the casting will be paid for by the Boll AG in Mainz.


* Prizes. We are in the process of attaining sponsors from energy-saving, network-independent, alternative products industries to provide prizes for a raffle in which all participants can take part. Details can be found on our sponsor pages.


* Cash prizes. A raffle will take place at the end of 2009 in which 1 participant will win $500,000.-- US, 1 participant $100,000.-- US, 100 participants $1,500.-- US, 100 participants $1,000.-- US, and 100 participants $500,-- US. At the end of 2010, another raffle will take place in the same form where 20% of the films profits from 2010 will be given away, thus 303 further prizes.


For a payment of 33 euros or $49--US per person

made through the designated website.




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