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Medieval - Rob Cohen (2010?)


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Cohen has backed out of reteaming with Vin Diesel on "XXX: The Return of Xander Cage" for Sony. Instead, he has signed a deal to helm an event-sized action film that Cohen calls "The Magnificent Seven" in the Middle Ages.


Regency has kept the script hush-hush, but sources said the action brings together warriors from disparate cultures.



The film opens with a diverse group of warriors all imprisoned together, discussing how they've all ended up in this unfortunate circumstance. This eclectic group consisting of: a knight, a thief, a samurai, a zulu warrior, a viking, and a few others.


All of them have been setup and brought together for one reason: a wealthy man has tasked them with stealing a crown from an impenetrable vault of treasure. The crown is his, but they can keep whatever treasure that can carry out. The twist is that they only have till daylight to do so because they've all been injected with a poison that'll kill them upon direct contact with the sun.


With Ocean's 11 like precision they break into the vault in an incredible sequence of agility and stunts utilizing their own individual skill-sets, involving magnetic hallways and pressure sensitive floors they enter the vault...


At various points they're attacked by gangs of birdmen, gypsy women, sumo wrestlers, zulu warriors, etc.


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