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The rage - Robert Kurtzman - 2007

Basculo Cui Cui

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c'est sorti en zone 2, dispo aussi en kiosques


A Mega-Dose Of Pure Terror


From Director Robert Kurtzman comes the highly anticipated splatter classic. When victims injected with the rage virus escape the experimentation of a mad scientist and his secrets are uncovered - all hell breaks loose. The Rage is guaranteed to be an out-Rage-ously gory good time!


Robert Kurtzman, creator of From Dusk Till Dawn and the special effects master behind such genre classics as: Cabin Fever, Hostel, Scream, Bride of Re-Animator, Misery, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness, Wishmaster, Pulp Fiction, and The Devil's Rejects.






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c'est un peu Z (dans le bon sens du terme)


les CGI sont moisis


les maquillages sont top (normal : kurtzman)


et c'est supra gore et c'est du non-stop !!!


le dvd contient un making of aussi long que le film


si vous l'appercevez dans un kiosque, achetez le ou volez le !!!

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