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Un sacré dimanche - Matt Cullingham - 1986

Basculo Cui Cui

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ca vaut quoi ? (25 euro sur price)


Two identical cars pull up to a restaurant, one belonging to a childless couple who are taking care of their niece and nephew while their parents are away, who are out on a Sunday drive. The other belonging to a guy who is on his way to meet his fiance and to begin working for her father. In his car is his dog, whom the couple mistake for the children, when they get into his car and drive. While he goes into their car and the children are under a blanket and he mistakenly assumes it's his dog. When they discover the mistake they are both so far away from each other that they don't know what to do.



avis IMDb :


A terrific comedy that you can watch many times, 1 November 1998

Author: ging from Oregon


Ever since I saw this movie on TV, I've been wishing it would be put on video (it hasn't that I'm aware of). Thank goodness that I had a VCR & copied it! Even though my family has watched it many times, we still get a good laugh out of it every time. Two children who accidentally get in the wrong car that is identical to their aunt & uncle's car, set the stage for a fabulous comedy! A huge St.Bernard adds to the commotion & a young man & woman who become involved in the scenario add an interesting romantic line. This will give you your laugh for the day!





Yep...Please Read, 23 October 2004


Author: indescreetman from Australia


I was so fortunate enough to see this great, aged television film starring Ted Wass and Carrie Fisher.


This family film was on Vault Disney one night and it was a film that i (admitingly) was a tad skeptical of watching, well this proved to me that i have to keep my mind right open. This film rocked!


I've looked for it everywhere (a copy, or at least another viewing so i could tape it, thats the problem with television movies...have to wait for another viewing)


anyway, getting away from the story, the story is about Paul Sherridan(who if i can remember rightly is an artist who's about to embark on a business date) on a Sunday (of all days).


As Paul is traveling (with his faithful dog) and he pulls into a restaurant to refresh and recharge the batteries, when and identical car who holds an older couple and their younger relatives and the cars park basically right next to one another.


as you can imagine, with some escapades at the restaurant (as you might have guessed) the cars get mixed up. Paul mistakingly ends up with the kids and the older couple ends up with Paul's dog.


Of course, the cars are a great distance away from one another when they both discover that "hang on...oops, wrong car" and the hairlarious antics follow as the two sets of cars try to relocate one another.


This is a great family film, with the humour oriented at adults and children alike, its a rare thing within films these days however, this old school classic from 1986 manages to do this exceedingly well.


The chemistry between Ted Wass and Carrie Fisher's character (Frannie Jessup) is well displayed on the screen, from the moment Paul pulls up and helps her out after her car breaks down - throughout the film when discovering more about themselves and the situation and how to deal with it and at the conclusion of this film.


All in all, this film is great, a pleasant film with great humour. if you can catch this rare gem, please watch it i guarantee after you get past the initial slow introduction (it does take awhile to get into it) you will forever be blessing this film. Check it out!










Not bad, 16 November 2002

Author: Jusenkyo_no_Pikachu from Cyberspace


OK...not the best movie ever, but if you are willing to endure 1986 TV production and Hillary Wolf's extremely romantic ideals about love (not to mention poetry worse than that written in the book "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"), you might get something out of it.


Wolf is Christine, one of two kids who are accidentally kidnapped when Paul Sheridan (Ted Wass) mistakes a car for his own identical one. Same keyholes and everything.


Sheridan is on his way to an interview when he pulls over at a roadside eatery. At the same place is the aforementioned identical car, driven by William and Joan Franklin (Tony Randall and Audra Lindley) on a Sunday Drive (gaah...too many history questions to last me this one movie). Christine is their niece, and she has a brother, John Elliot. Christine and John Elliot hide under a blanket in the back seat, while Sheridan's dog Bud (a German Shepherd) is under an identical blanket--also in the back seat. So naturally the cars get mixed up. Added to the mix is Franny (Carrie Fisher), a woman Paul picks up in order to get her to Australia (she has to catch a boat, and her broken-down car was robbed--talk about an emergency!). You can guess what happens next.


Might be clichéd, but I didn't mind it at all.















A very pleasant surprise, 16 November 2002


Author: Jock Reby from Wollongong, Australia


There are many moments of laugh-out-loud humour in this film. The writing is excellent, with many very funny twists and turns throughout. It just goes to show that a film need not be adult-oriented to be funny.


Also of note in this film are the performances of the actors, particularly the child actors.


Well worth seeing - a fun hour and a half!














Charming and interesting., 6 February 2007


Author: unnoticed1951 from Mexico


Yes, this family movie is just the perfect sample to confirm what someone else already said: "It just goes to show that a film need not be adult-oriented to be funny". I'd never have thought that anyone else would even remember "Sunday Drive", which is one of my two favorite movies (the other one is Michael Ende's "The NeverEnding Story"). I read some comments made about Sunday Drive on IMDb. An important part of the plot is the fact that since the beginning of the story Paul Sheridan (Ted Wass) is so controlled by his fiancé Susan (Claudia Cron) that he had to stop in order to call her up as she had made him promise he would (remember cell phones didn't exist in 1986). That was the main reason why he stopped at a restaurant where the confusion began and not only to refresh. That stop was supposed to be a very short one since he had to travel a long way to another state and get in time for an appointment Susan had settled for him to begin working for her father. But this short stop changed his whole life as he happened to know Christine and John Elliot, as well as Franny. The story gets into a charming confusion where Christine's romantic imagination and every unexpected situation surely keep us closely involved. The character I most liked was definitely little Christine. I enjoyed so much this movie that I did record it from TV on the "Beta" VCR I used to have in the late 80's. Only trouble is I don't have my Beta VCR anymore and I haven't had the tape released into VHS or DVD either. I better do it before my 2 y.o. granddaughter gets old enough to enjoy this movie. I don't know if it is classified as a classical but in my opinion it should be.


















Guys ! ..Guys ! Where Are Your Minds ?!, 4 December 2007

Author: ahmed elshikh (ahmed_abd_elreheem@yahoo.com) from Egypt


*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Yes, it's one nice idea for a romantic comedy. Yes, it has the great (Tony Randall) in it. And yes, the whole atmosphere looked good BUT this movie certainly will melt in your head after watching so quickly ! Why is that ?!


Mainly because the whole thing sunk in its own shameful mistakes. Simply when you as a viewer notice early how a lot of basic details suffer from being forgotten or misplaced you would feel that you watch another dead easy movie which insists on being such a corny trivial one !


Look at the shifting sand which this movie got itself into it : How by any chance did the keys of 2 different cars of the same kind get switched and they both still open the doors of the other's car ?! (it would be so easy for any car's owner to steal all of his car's kind and get away with it !). How could I ride and drive another car for a good deal of time and I just couldn't observe for a second that it's not mine ??! So not to mention how did the guy manage to be on the ship of his love at the end !!! That's the perfect hastiness !


Actually this little movie had to be part of any cinema institute's curriculum as how to mistreat a good idea !, or how rashness can destroy any movie's power to convince !

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