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Funny beach - Joe Ritter - 1988

Basculo Cui Cui

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ca vaut quoi ? (8 euro 10 sur price)




Grab a towel, head for the sand, and get ready for some rowdy fun in the sun with a bevy of bikini-clad babes! Charlie Harrison wants nothing more than to hone his guitar riffs, shred in a band, and win the heart of Wendy, every guy's fantasy girl. Catching the ear of a real live record producer leads to more than a few bumps on the road to rock star status. Getting his dreams to come true turns into an out-of-control series of comic mishaps and "miss" adventures!











a lame 80s comedy, 26 September 2000


Author: goya-4 from PA USA


Beach Balls concerns a young man who wants to become a rock star and his adventures in this poor comedy. typical late 80s fare with some poor rock video/band performances, bad acting, production values, script,..you get the idea..even the cute girls can't save this dog..on a scale of one to ten..1

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