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Inside Desirée Cousteau - Leon Gucci - 1979

Basculo Cui Cui

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kikavu ?


Young, beautiful, and innocent Desiree enters the work force to find great difficulty in keeping men disinterested in her charms. She starts out as a reporter when she meets "Mr. Ryan", a Presidental hopeful. He gives her the "scoop" of her life which ends up in an usual pool sequence! Desiree then tries another job as a door to door saleswomen with excellent results when she discovers her first client, a very luscious , hot redhead. She sells all her merchandise and ends up in a menage-a-trois when the husband enters. Trying to keep away from sexual encounters and to find a straight work, she finds herself a job aboard a luxury yacht only to discover herself involved with two porno stars, John Homes and Serena. Seeing that no matter what she does ends in sexual encounters, she goes after a career in porno films and becomes an international sensation. And lives happily ever after!!!






It' sold porn but it's still got something, 12 February 2007


Author: DeadMan3000 from United Kingdom


This was the first 'porn' movie I ever saw. Way back in the 80's. It's pretty funny to watch even now. Probably more so because of it's age. There is not much to say about the story itself. But considering it was shot on film rather than video like most of todays material now is it looks better for it in my opinion. There is just something about porn 'films' that says something that todays video material cannot. It has more of a 'fantasy' feel to it. Where video seems too real and lacking.


There is a song in this movie that I have been trying to track down for some time with no luck. It's worth seeing for the kitchen scene and that song alone. Plus it features the now legendary deceased porn 'actor' John Holmes. Desiree herself looks very natural. Clearly not exhibiting the surgical 'attributes' of todays porn stars. If she did have any enhancements it is hard to tell. I am unsure if there is a different 'cut' of this movie as I only saw an uncut version that showed everything in very graphic detail. So there may be a 'soft' version that I did not see floating around. Possibly on some cable broadcasts.


As porn movies go it was well made, at times funny, other times very cheesy. The 'acting' is pretty much nonexistent for this type of 'movie'.


But then it's not made for that purpose. As exploitative pornography goes it's just another step along a well trodden path. But as a teenager who had never seen anything else it was something that has stuck in my memory for a very long time.










Funny, some of it intentional, 30 March 2003

Author: Ben7 from Los Angeles, California


I had the flu one day in 1981, and no cable. Even in LA, there isn't always anything good on free TV. So I dragged myself out of bed and rented this title, along with the Lenny Bruce Performance Film. At a time when the cheapest VCR still cost $600 in 1981 bucks, I'd recently purchased two used VCRs with different things wrong with them for a total of $150. They worked when connected together, and weighed as much as small refrigerator.


I got the idea that Cousteu wasn't Desiree's real last name, even without the help of IMDB, because she pronounces it differently in different scenes.


Late in the film, there's a scene where she "does" a gent well into middle age. I assume a producer or pal of one of the filmakers, as he didn't have a porno physique. Desiree gives it up, but you can see she's definately not into it. The mature gent enjoys himself; there are no weird angles to expose the old in-n-out. "Good for him," I thought, though I am only now reaching his age.


In this age of implants, one has a tendency to take a jaundiced look at spectacular bodies. I wasn't hip to this in '81, when the process was much less common in any event. So I don't know how I'd react now. But she was a real beauty, or so it seemed at the time.

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