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Jamaix plus encore - David I. Frazer / Sveltana - 1981

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Picture Postcard Porn, 17 November 2007

Author: Dirtymoviedevotee (dries.vermeulen@hotmail.be) from Brugge, Belgium


While they have probably made better movies in terms of narrative, production values or even sexual content, the original BAD GIRLS remains something of a signature film for the amorous and artistic partnership of Svetlana and David Frazer. Spawning three (official) sequels, it also easily remains the best of that series, the second installment in particular being an instantly disposable piece of drivel. As was their trademark, the dynamic duo assembled a visually stunning cast of then new female faces, few of whom had been seen before and several not all that frequently since, enshrining this effort in the hearts and minds of girlie watchers the world over.


Four hot centerfold friends (Angie, Kate, Chrissy and Bo, incidentally also the flick's working title !) decide to go camping for the weekend, getting into all sorts of sexy trouble along the way. Smouldering Victoria Knoll (one of the ballet school students in Gary Graver's underrated INDECENT EXPOSURE) gets the ball rolling as she gives horny shutterbug Richard Pacheco – who does a very funny British accent – exactly what he wants in a realistically sweaty scene. Hotter still, and not even hardcore at that, is the tantalizing tease sequence that follows when the girls pick up hitchhiking boy scout John Handler (who claims to be 16 and really looks the part) and voluptuous Anna Ventura – billed as "Jasmine Du Bai" – taunts him with a few well-timed beaver flashes before kicking him out into the road. This action sets the plot in motion as the kid tells his big brother Slater (the ubiquitous Ron Jeremy, looking astonishingly svelte at this early stage of his busy career) who recruits unsuspecting young women for a group of weird male cultists led by the perverse Judge, played by Mike Filene (from Larry Revene's delightful FASCINATION) who stepped in as Bill Margold bowed out, unfortunately making for a rather paltry substitute. As with several other Frazer & Svetlana titles, the heroines' comeuppance involves considerable coercion bordering on rape, though as in SEX BOAT entirely devoid of believability or violence, so more sensitive viewers might consider themselves forewarned.


The story's hardly the focal point here. Heck no, it's quite rightfully the glamorous women and the scalding, enthusiastic sex they encounter en route to their unplanned stay at the Judge's secluded retreat. Luscious Lenora Bruce (who would subsequently change her moniker to "Eleonor Liquore", turning up in Kemal Horulu's simultaneously shot NEVER SLEEP ALONE and WHEN SHE WAS BAD) spies on lumberjack John Leslie ravishing mature minx Lee Caroll and busty Leslie Winston from Jerome Tanner's CLUB EXOTICA movies, taking a crack at him herself later, delivering the goods in full pedal to the metal Lady Chatterley mode. Though she was to deny it later, B movie scream queen Michelle Bauer (a/k/a "Pia Snow") did indeed perform hardcore on this occasion : an extended labia lick cantata with Ventura and a brief blow job on lucky one shot Michael Snow as part of the final orgy sequence. Svetlana's SEX BOAT discovery Sylvia Benedict, who went on to minor stardom as an early video vixen, appears as one of the slave girls, soothing the captured Ventura. Stalwart stallions Mike Ranger and Kevin James play cult members, in more ways than one, geddit ? Technical credits are sound with Gene/Jean Petrov's brightly colored camera work a standout. Much of the sex occurs outdoors in woodsy locations, immensely adding to its appeal. Bill King contributed a suitably bouncy title tune. The makers weren't aiming for art here, just eye candy of the highest order. Mission accomplished !

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