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Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws - Johnny Hall, Andrew Todd, 2011


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In July 2009, filmmakers Andrew Todd and Johnny Hall went on a road trip from their hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand to chilly Dunedin, to attend a festival screening of Lars Von Trier's ANTICHRIST. Along the way, they stopped in the charming town of Oamaru, and it was there - with its spooky, ancient coastal buildings - that the idea for GHOST SHARK was born.


One year later, Hall and Todd found themselves travelling to another festival screening. This time, the film was Gaspar Noe's ENTER THE VOID, and the festival was in Auckland. Having a weekend up their sleeves, they decided to shoot a fake trailer - and why not make it the trailer for GHOST SHARK? The big-city location prompted them to take it up a level, so the finished trailer was labelled GHOST SHARK 2: URBAN JAWS.


OK, alors si je comprends bien, Von Trier leur a inspiré le concept de "Ghost Shark".

Noé leur a ensuite donné tout le pouvoir nécessaire pour aboutir au trailer de "Ghost Shark 2".


Le trailer en question, c'est ça:



Et là, gros buzz, tout le monde (...) s'excite, du coup le joyeux lurons mettent le paquet et se lancent dans la production de.... "Ghost Shark 2".


Parce que:

Sometimes a movie concept is so awesome that you have to make the sequel first. That's the case with Ghost Shark 2, a film from New Zealand about a shark so ghostly it can lurk in steam and ice!


Voici donc le trailer du long métrage qui sortira un peu plus tard cette année....

Un film qui devrait avoir ses chances se se retrouver dans le catalogue de Séverin au côté de "Birdemic"?





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