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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Neveldine & Taylor, 2012


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"You will see actual bones get broken in 'Ghost Rider'"


Ghost Rider 2 teaser ends with "Fucking your shit up, February 2012"


One scene has Ghost Rider battling Johnny Blaze as seperate entities.


Another has him vomiting fire in a man's face. Another actually has him urinating fire.


Cage, "The first film was designed for children, but this one is made to be scary. "


Anything Ghost Rider rides in this becomes a hell-version of that vehicle.


Neveldine/Taylor are up for doing more GHOST RIDER flicks.


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Les Neveldine-Taylor, je me demande si c'est pas comme la première ligne de coke matinale de Mel Gibson: ca vous vitalise, ca vous énergise, ca vous excite son homme comme un petit fou, mais à force, ca risque de le lasser...(et de le tuer, les narines en sang)

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