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Automaton Transfusion - Steven C. Miller (2006)


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"In the early 1970’s when everyone in America was worrying about what was going on in Vietnam, the Unites States Army was secretly developing a way to reanimate the dead. The hope was to have the dead fight instead of the living, but the experiments were shut down when the reanimated corpses were unable to control their hunger for human flesh.


Thirty years later the army has decided to reopen the project. Grover City, because of its remote location, would be the home of their main testing facilities. Without warning the experiments go horribly wrong in Grover City and the DEAD are now on the rampage, eating everyone in sight.


With the town overtaken by Zombies, a group of High School seniors take it upon themselves to fight back and find a cure for this deadly disease.


“Automaton Transfusion” is a non-stop adventure of four friends battling there way through swamps, forests, blood, and ZOMBIES to survive!"


Un trailer qui a de la patate:



Le site du film:


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