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Mad cowgirl - Gregory Hatanaka (2006)


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Film indé qui s'annonce pas mal du tout...


Sarah Lassez (Nowhere, The Blackout, Until the Night) delivers a star-making performance as Therese, an ass-kicking health inspector with a failed marriage, an on-going affair with a creepy televangelist, nymphomania, and an obsession with old kung-fu movies. Further complicating her life is a very questionable relationship with her brother Thierry (James Duval from The Doom Generation and Donnie Darko), a meat importer who may (or may not) have infected her with mad cow disease.


Mad Cowgirl is practically impossible to describe, but it's a Narrative - Experimental - Art - Comedy - Horror - Tragedy - Kung Fu epic that features multiple languages, a little hardcore porn, a flying guillotine, the old ultraviolence and Walter Koenig (Cmdr. Pavel Chekov) as a slimy sex-addicted preacher. Great Scott!


It could also be described as a film about a woman who is dying of a brain disorder, and her surreal journey which descends into violence; or perhaps, it's about a woman who hates her job, and the men in her life, so she is driven to kill the Ten Tigers From Kwangtung."



Le trailer:


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