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The Unit


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L’épisode pilote de The Unit diffusé mardi soir sur CBS a effectué un très joli démarrage avec quelques 18,2 millions de téléspectateurs, se payant même le luxe de devancer d’un petit million environ l’épisode de NCIS diffusé juste avant sur la même chaîne. Créée par David Mamet et Shawn Ryan (The Shield), The Unit suit en parallèle le quotidien d’une unité des forces spéciales au cours de différentes missions classées secret défense et de leurs familles (femmes et enfants) restées au foyer. En tête d’affiche de cette nouvelle série, on retrouve Dennis Haysbert, vu précédemment dans le rôle du Président David Palmer dans 24 heures chrono.



Source: Ecran Large

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…Although there are a few Mametian flourishes … "The Unit" stays rooted on these parallel tracks beginning with Haysbert, nicely handling his demotion from commander in chief on "24" to field commander here; and a steely Robert Patrick as his office-bound boss. …


… The verdict, based solely on the premiere, is favorable. "The Unit" is filled with thrilling action and heart-pounding adventure. What's more, it expands the scope of the drama by including military wives, depicted here as being as courageous and steely nerved in their own way as their husbands. Mamet's best known dramas often wrestle with the nature of the human condition or the impact of contemporary culture. In the premiere, at least, such philosophical musings take a back seat to a meat-and-potatoes style of entertainment (like Mamet's less well known scripts for "The Untouchables" or "Ronin"), that is no less satisfying. …


… It's like two shows in one. Unfortunately, only one of them is interesting, and it's not the one you might expect. … Certainly if you're an action fan, you're probably most looking forward to the "forceful" half of the story … Yet sadly enough, that side of tonight's premiere is almost comically bad … Yet just when you're ready to give up on the show, it moves back to the base — and becomes a much better show. We've seen the action stuff before. What we haven't seen is Mamet's exploration of an insular, incredibly guarded society run by a not-to-be-trifled-with Big Sister: Jonas' wife, Molly (Regina Taylor). Rather than present a standard, gooey view of the supportive little women back home, The Unit delves into their fears and examines the not-always-friendly world they've created as a coping mechanism.


… This being Mamet, there's lots of folksy jargon … I wonder what middle America will make of a later episode, when Haysbert says he must rescue ''two Bible-thumpin' fools who haven't got a clue.''…


… On "The Unit" on CBS, the playwright turns over his distinctive dialogue to actual soldiers. But tough talk is less striking in combat — the men who belong to this elite, top-secret Special Forces unit are not all that special. "The Unit" becomes distinctive only when the action shifts back to the wives left behind on the base (and not just when the platinum blonde dons black underwear, though that is a sure sign that adultery is soon to follow). The wives are the ones who converse in Mamet-speak, exchanging taut, fraught dialogue that mystifies more than it enlightens. … Perhaps because Mr. Mamet is a writer, director and executive producer of the show (alongside Shawn Ryan, creator of "The Shield") it is hard to take these women's brave fronts at face value: something sinister seems to be going on beneath the helpful hints. Something sinister lurks behind that welcome wagon.


… Haysbert has a commanding commander's presence, to put it mildly, and even though it's an ensemble drama a high-impact vicarious experience no matter how one may try to resist.


Trailer : http://youtube.com/watch?v=eGKNmdAFE8E

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