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Barn of the Blood Llama - Kevin L. West (1999)


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Kikoné cette production régionale qu'est Barn of the Blood Llama (la Grange du lama sanglant!)?



Vue la bande annonce, ça ressemble à un film amateur, entre gore, nichons et DV à la main et réalisateur sous exta.


Quelqu'un connait ou a vu cette pièce de musée?


On en parle sur le net comme étant une expérience à la Burroughs, ave une BO "electro acid cow boy" ou d'un film dont le prohectionniste aurait mélangé les bobines (Tamala 2010 style)


Il y a même Clive Barker dedans!


At long last, one of "the "truly good bad movies" (Skip Griffith, SALT FOR SLUGS) BARN OF THE BLOOD LLAMA (1999) is now available on DVD! This Special Edition of BOTBL exclusively from BijouFlix Releasing features a "barn"-load of extras all BARN cult fans will be 'dying' to see fer theirselves (sic).


The storyline is heavily influenced by those great old 70's era drive-in classics such as BLOOD FREAK, complete with bad dubbing into English! The wild, multi-shifting production formats give it a feel Oliver Stone only dreamed of achieving in NATURAL BORN KILLERS. It's a deconstructed horror flick that feels like a Burroughsian filmic cut-up, as if the drive-in projectionist had somehow threaded up the wrong reels of several different movies and yet you're so content with the retro bliss of it all, you don't mind at all. The electric cowboy acid soundtrack rendered by some mighty finely talented Austin music locals is also very powerful in raw, hum-along energy.


"They make the weirdest movies in Texas. Much like Monty Python... a fine video party tape, even if you're not from Texas. P-Factor: blood; heads roll; psycho doctor; kung fu; rabid killer llamas; mad lab; explosion; dung-gun fu; p-star Barker." -- Michael Weldon, PSYCHOTRONIC


This movie gave me a headache, blurred my vision, and confused me to the brink of sobbing. I loved every minute. Viva la BLOOD LLAMA! 5 (out of 5)." -- Brother Fistula, BROTHERHOOD REVIEWS

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