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Black dawn - Alexander Gruszynski - 2005

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tonton steven iz back dans la peau de jonathan cold


je l'ai pas encore vu (je vais essayer de le louer cet aprem)



A hard-hitting, action-packed film starring Steven Seagal at his best. CIA Agent, Jonathan Cold (Steven Seagal) is working as an undercover agent to undermine arms dealers, who want to sell a nuclear bomb to an eastern European terrorist group. His cover gets detected when the weapons dealers' catch his former student, leaving Cold no choice but to save his student and stop the sale of the nuclear bomb in time.





Seagal's "Black Dawn" a decent effort., January 1, 2006

Reviewer: Eddie Lancekick "A Regulator" (Pacific Northwest) - See all my reviews

Black Dawn is typical Seagal action in the fact that he's probably the best actor in the bunch. Not since "Under Siege" when he was beside the likes of Gary Busey and Tommy Lee Jones have we really seen a Seagal action flick worth getting excited about. Chase Scenes, shootout's with glocks and other assorted assault weapons arise as we see Seagal's character "Jonathan Cold" appear to be a terrorist...or a double agent trying to spoil the victors with the Plutonium.


What the film lacks from recent Seagal shows is the lack of martial arts. Rarely do we see Seagal, or anyone else in the movie, partake in some major Aikido. With the absence of martial arts we actually find ourselves focused more on the storyline and the other spats of action, including a great chase scene involving a dump truck.


The plot we've seen before, but overall with the script and limited cast of talented actors, it is not a bad one to rent if you're looking for an action film that is low in martial arts and high in terrorist terror, machine gun fire, and whodunit.








Painful to watch, March 14, 2006

Reviewer: fishdaddy (Texas) - See all my reviews

I thought when I saw Steven Seagal in the movie, "how could you go wrong getting this?" After seeing just 30 minutes of it, I knew how wrong it could go. This is at best a B movie.











Black Dawn for Seagal, February 21, 2006

Reviewer: Michael D. Blatt "alexiad99@aol.com" (HAMMONDSPORT, NY USA) - See all my reviews


Of course only fans would get this movie.


Steven looks fat, old, and tired -- even to fans who were hoping for a little escapism.


Whats with the accent?












not the greatest, February 16, 2006

Reviewer: Tanya Guiliani (Cedar Lake, IN) - See all my reviews


he has done better. to much gun play in this one. prefer some of his other movies to where there was one on one combat.














More of the same, just better, January 31, 2006

Reviewer: Alan David Mann "Highland Gunn" (Lake Wales, FL USA) - See all my reviews


Much like all of his movies,Lord Steven is retired/ undercover/ in hiding/ incognito/ or part of the CIA/ FBI/ Black Ops/ Special undercover group of your choice...

He must personally save the world and his partner/ student from the bad guys that are dealing in Nukes.

If this sounds derrogatory towards the movie it is not! I am a huge Seagal fan and own every movie he has released, I think the production and storyline of Black Dawn is more the caliber of his earlier movies and I quite enjoyed it. I am glad to see he is putting out a better product! But it would not matter because like all TRUE Seagal fans if he is in the movie, I will buy it no matter how bad. I would just like to see his movies return to the big screen where he belongs. If you are a fan buy this you will love it. If you are not a fan buy it anyway as it is a good movie and the plot/ story is good enough that the common action hero movie buffs will like it.











Black Dawn, January 29, 2006

Reviewer: Nichole "Nikki" (California) - See all my reviews

One of the better new Segal movies I have seen,I even bought this one. I agree however with all the other reviews, Lots of guns and bullets in this one but "Where is the martial arts, we all love lord Steven for?" I cast my vote for his best ever to "Under Seige" where our hero plays Casey Ryback, next to Gary Busey and Tommy Lee Jones.

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