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Operation eagle one - Brian Clyde - 2005

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vu a l'instant cette prod roger corman/cirio santiago


putain qu'est ce qu'ils sont forts ces americains !!!



Lieutenant Matt Daniels leads a joint assault force in a daring amphibious raid to capture al-Qaeda terrorists who have holed up with the Philippine rebels. In the meantime, on a related mission to capture a notorious terrorist leader, Captain Amy Jenning's helicopter is shot down deep in enemy territory. Lt. Daniels must lead his team into the crossfire to save Capt. Jennings and destroy the terrorists' bio-weapons before they can be unleashed.






B+ Movie , February 14, 2006

Reviewer: Don Talon - See all my reviews

As with most modern B movies they are quite watchable if you have the right B movie kind of company..iE lotsa not too smart friends who just want to see and hear gun fire.



Recommended for the not too smart OR HIGH TECH inclined movie buffs ...for those who have a bit of intellect I ask you to stay away.....the stars are Big name B+ movie stars so that in itself is a good thing if you are so inclined.








True War Movie Fans Stay Away, February 9, 2006

Reviewer: K. Mauler "Bowhunter" (Wichita Kansas) - See all my reviews


If you are a Rutger Hauer fan then ok but bewarned that he only is in about 5-7 minutes of this 91 minute movie, his apearances are broken up into 30-45 second clips.


His acting hardly shines in this flick and the rest of the actors are for the most part in this a no show.


All in all the movie blows chunks, if you are any kind of war movie fan that expects some combat realism and correct combat terminology to be used by the actors then forget this one.


Example - Throughout the movie the marines constantly referred to the rebels as "bogies", that and other mess ups throughout the movie makes it sad and laughable.


There is no true target adience for this film, too much blood and violence IMO for the kids and the acting is way too poor to really be enjoyed by an adult.


Perhaps a few teenagers will overlook this films many negatives.


Need I say more??











A Definite SKIP for 2006!, January 24, 2006

Reviewer: T. A. Turner (MD, USA) - See all my reviews


I was drawn in by the professional looking cover and jacket photos. Little did I know that was the best of the movie.


ACTING: Theresa Randle was completely unbelievable as a military chopper pilot, and Rutger Hauer was equally unbelievable as a Marine general. Both lacked emotion and urgency in their portrayals, while Randle's character was flat (at least figuratively) and a whimp, Hauer's was dumpy and, well, also a whimp (I can not imagine that any self-respecting Marine would appreciate this movie). The acting of most of the secondary characters, including most of those portraying the terrorists was also lame and un-noteworthy.


TECHNICAL: The film was clearly shot with quality equipment, while many of the sound effects were as poor as the acting. In fact, at some points sound effects were left out, like when Capt. Jennings (Randle) karate kicks one of the terrorist guards, the sound of the kick is non-existent. The film avoids showing graphic violence, but does so in such a way that makes the movie appear to be simply budget.


STORY: The story is weak, with many things happening without apparent motivation, reason, or even any degree of retro-explanation. If you pick up this DVD and read the back ccover, you will know as much about the movie as if you'd wasted the entire 91 minutes watching the disc.


Well, except you might still think Randle and Hauer are decent actors...


Seriously though, resist the slick and compelling packaging, and hunt for anything else besides Eagle One!















Reviewer: Tim Hanson "stlp" (STL , MO) - See all my reviews

This movie was as bad as it could get. The action was unreal and didn't really include any good acting. Throughout the whole movie there was a lot of shooting, and that's about it. It actually got really annoying with the same sound automatic rifle repeating over and over and over. I actually knew what was going to happen just by watchin a few minutes of it, it was pretty predictable. It doesn't really draw the viewer in and you almost don't even care what happens to the main character. It's also pretty low budget, so dont be fooled by the interesting lookin scene photos on the back of the DVD.















Beware of CREATED OPINIONS!, December 27, 2005

Reviewer: David B "-Bullet in the head-" (MX) - See all my reviews



those 2 above..telling "GREAT MOVIE!" , a "VERY GOOD DIRECTED" and all the lame stuff they said...exactly 2 days after amazon posted this Movie...is bollocks!


the suposedly FILmFANATIC, has only reviewed this film? Whoo do you think you can fool? are you expecting soem rushinmg buyer to go for your movie? COme On! hahaha














Unbelievable!!!, December 19, 2005

Reviewer: FilmFantaticLA (Hollywood) - See all my reviews

I saw an advanced copy of this movie and I was simply blown away (no pun intended). I love Rutger Hauer, so I thought I would give it a chance and I was so impressed by the direction and the all the actors. Why isn't this a theater release? Who knows? Amazing...




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