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Evil Seek - Wayne Kramer (soon)


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You gotta hand it to Wayne Kramer, the man knows how to branch out. The writer-director of THE COOLER and RUNNING SCARED recently spoke with Now Playing Magazine and, in the process, dropped the deal on his next project, a movie called EVIL SEEK. Kramer, bear with him here, had this to say about the film: "It’s basically every 1000 years in hell, they elect a new Satan, so the reigning Satan has to come down to Earth, take over the body of a mortal and find his successor, the most evil person alive. And he wakes up in the body of an FBI profiler working a terrible serial killing case in LA. And sort of like Satan is the one moral guy in this film. And he has inherited a disgruntled ex-wife, a 15-year-old daughter who’s becoming all promiscuous, a lesbian partner. And he’s got no powers, just a nose for evil. And it turns out that when he starts investigating these bizarre killings, it looks like the killer’s trying to summon the devil." If you couldn't gather as much from that insanely cool-sounding premise, Kramer insists the supernatural thriller will be humorous (in a pitch black kind of way) yet "also very disturbing and freakish. It’s definitely one that’s gonna challenge the MPAA, I’ll tell you that." Cool stuff, indeed. The movie will star Thomas Jane and is set to start shooting in September for the Weinstein Company.


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