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The Adventures of Megabyte Man-J. Folk, J. Alexander 06


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Justin Folk, qui a bossé comme assistant sur les FX des deux séquelles de MATRIX, livre un truc apparemment bien débile de 56 minutes nommé THE ADVENTURES OF MEGABYTE MAN. Et non, le film ne raconte pas les parties de jambes en l'air d'un type avec une grosse bite mais de ça:


The lights burn to full as the historic 300th episode of the world's greatest game show, Virtual Memory begins. But…something's wrong. Jamie Alexander, host of Virtual Memory, is missing! With time counting down to certain destruction, Virtual Memory calls upon its one and only hope: Megabyte Man. With massive information storage, instant recall, and electronic displacement on his side, Virtual Memory's own living super-computer begins the hunt for Jamie.


Meanwhile, deep below the Earth's surface lurks Virtual Memory's darkest foe: The Virus. Bent on Virtual Memory's destruction, Virus will stop at nothing until the show lies in his evil clutches. Megabyte Man engages in a bitter race against time to foil Virus' plans to take over the show and eventual world domination. Can Megabyte Man return Jamie, save Virtual Memory, and rid the world of the leeching evil of Virus? It's time to 'Plug In, and Power Up' to the first chapter of The Adventures of Megabyte Man!


Trailer dispo.

DVD aussi.

Définitivement un truc pour Wonkley




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