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Reptilicant - Desi Singh - 2005


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Ryan Moore (Gary Daniels), the FBI’s premiere criminal profiler, is pulled from his vacation to investigate the ruthless massacre of a dozen people and the discovery of over 20 million dollars in diamonds on the now retired prison of Alcatraz. The only person living is a blood splattered treasure hunter named Dannie Miles.


When Moore questions her she tells a horrific tale of greed, courage, destruction, and an alien monster, a creature who can transform itself at will into other living beings, a creature known as the REPTILICANT.


Dannie and her team operated this treasure hunt like a military operation, taking over the island and searching for the treasure. But when they crossed paths with the Reptilicant each member of the team was killed horribly. At the end, Dannie described how even she was killed by the creature.


How can this be, wonders the FBI profiler? And then he discovers he has not been investigating the prisoner but the prisoner has been investigating him. The creature is intelligent, has supernatural strength, and can replicate anyone. Moore is powerless against the monster. But the treasure hunters had found a weakness to the alien invader. The armor-plated alien skin is only vulnerable to earth’s hardest substance, diamonds. With this in mind Moore wraps strips of his t-shirt around his fists and then coats them with the fortune in diamonds. If Moore can exploit this weakness he may be the last man standing, but until then he must run and hide from the terrible REPTILICANT!




le trailer est dispo http://www.cineexcel.com/home.html?yes=I+AGREE


encore un film totalement


toutes les photos sont reproduites dans un but simplement informatif, Merci Cine Excel de ne pas me poursuive pour la reproduction et la diffusion du contenu de votre site ... bah oui faire attention dans la vie

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