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Il y a un moment, sur le forum de DevilDead "précrash" il me semble quelq'un avait lancé un sujet sur ce film, qui m'avait semblé assez rigolo à la vue de la BA. Des gens ont-ils achetés le dvd depuis ? Si oui ça vaut le coup d'investir ? J'hésite toujours... :crazymeuh: [quote]What would Jesus (Jonathan C. Green) do if he returned to Earth and discovered that he was wildly out of touch with today's youth? In Ultrachrist!, he dons a Spandex costume and goes out into the streets of New York City to fight sin wherever it rears its ugly head. His disapproving Father (Don Creech) wants him to minister as he did 2000 years ago. The Antichrist, in the guise of the New York City Park's Commissioner (Samuel Bruce Campbell), resurrects a legion of famous sinners to destroy him. And when the beautiful seamstress Molly (Celia A. Montgomery) tempts Ultrachrist with Earthly love, his own inner hang-ups guarantee that redemption will not come easily. [/quote] [img]http://www.leisuresuit.net/lsm_images/ultrachrist_poster.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.leisuresuit.net/images/ustill_16_thumb.jpg[/img] Director/Editor Kerry Douglas Dye Producer Jordan Hoffman
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