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The Devil's Playhouse - Ben Juhl, 2007


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Du bon gros Z qu'il a l'air sympa comme tout :



It's a battle with mutants, immortals and rock-n-roll demons in Twilightshow's twisted and gritty tale, "The Devil's Playhouse."

Clyde and his mysterious family of flesh merchants have been in business for a long time now- Selling zombie females as companionship for those who have lost their soul to the devil. When Clyde meets Jessica, Dawn and Charlie, he lures them into an amazing, underground world of depraved characters and evil torment.



When Dawn and Charlie are turned into the walking dead, the situation appears hopeless for our trio of victims. To make matters worse, Jessica has been chosen as a human sacrifice in a ritual where famed rock star Tommy Saxon will regain his lost soul.

But... Jessica has a trick or two up her sleeve! A legend is born as this super-heroine of the supernatural fights to win back the souls of her friends and escape the cursed torture of The Devil's Playhouse!





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