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Armed response - Fred Olen Ray - 1986

Basculo Cui Cui

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decouvert avec allan


un fred olen ray tres potable


dispo dans les hyper U 1euro sous le titre VENGEANCE ARMEE



Private investigator Clay Roth and his partner Cory are hired by Tanaka, a Japanese crime boss to get a statue that he needs to avoid a war with the Chinese Tong. The exchange goes smoothly but Cory had other plans. In the end Clay got shot he left with statue while Cory got the money that they were carrying. Clay managed to get to his father, Burt, who is an ex-cop and his brothers, Jim and Tommy who are Army vets. Clay dies before he could tell them anything. Burt decides not to tell the police about the statue, cause he wants to find out what happened himself. Tanaka needing the statue and operating on (false) info from Cory declares war on the Roths.

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