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Masked Rider The Next - ? - 2007


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Bon voilà la suite de Masked Rider The First. Film dont je n'ai même pas vu la bande annonce mais ça m'empêche pas de relayer l'information de cette suite.




le trailer


le site officiel


Two years since the events of Kamen Rider the First, a strange events begin to flutter: urban legends of people dying in a most grusome fashion with a song played by popstar Chiharu Kazami playing at the site of the murder. Meanwhile, at this time, Hongo Takeshi has become a high school science teacher. A student, named Kikuma Kotobi, in Takeshi's class, is best friends with the Chiharu who worries for her due to the rumors and her dissapearence. Then, the strange appearances begin: A mystery person, known as the Chainsaw Lizard appears, with 6 new Hoppers, known as the Shocker Riders.

Chiharu, on the other hand, has a brother: A vain young man named Shirō Kazami, who is President of a rising IT enterprise. Takeshi and Kotobi visit Shirō Kazami, but soon find out that he has been remodeled into a Cyborg too, only instead of like the others, his body has been remodeled using nano-technology. This makes him a Shocker Cyborg of very high ability, code-named "V3". V3, and the Shocker Riders attack Takeshi, forcing him to take them on as Kamen Rider 1. Then, Kamen Rider 2 appeared to aid Kamen Rider 1 once more. Scissors Jaguar of Shocker begins the plan to remodel all the humans in Japan into Cyborgs. To this end, a large amount of nanobots were made to land in Japan. The three Riders put aside their differences to fight Shocker together and save Chiharu.


bon si vous voulez voir le premier une édition zone 1 est sorti chez Media Blaster



Quelqu'un peut être en dire plus sur la sage crée par Shotaro Ishinomori ?

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