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Cloverfield - 01-18-08 - Matt Reeves (2008)


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Les djeunz de la BA ont maintenant leur Myspace :


Rob (Robby) Hawkins (played by Michael Stahl-David)



Our main dude. Rob, who's going away to Japan in the trailer.

He's 26.

Came from Minneapolis with his brother Jason (JJ).

His aunt's name is Peg.

Graduated Washburn High in Minneapolis in 98.

Graduated from NYU with a marketing degree in 2002.

Lives in an apartment with JJ, JJ's wife Lil, and their mutual friend Hud.

Rob is in marketing, presumably with the NY branch of Slusho (speculation), and will receive a promotion to the head offices in Japan on 1/18/08 (speculation, from the trailer).

His best friend is Beth, and they're probably more than friends, but neither has taken it to The Next Level yet.

Beth posts a riddle on Rob's site, that is answered in turn on HER site (his answer is that the man's wife is on life support, and he cries when the power outage shuts off her lifeline).

Is currently testing a new marketing program given to him by his boss. Like many, I'm assuming he works for Slusho (although there's been no concrete evidence of this), so I wouldn't be surprised if that program is none other than our own beloved http://www.slusho.jp site. Also, Rob admits to not being very good with programming.


Jason (JJ, or Hawk) Hawkins (played by Mike Vogel)



28 years old.

Rob's brother.

"In a relationship" with Lily (Lil) Ford. Probably not married, just living together.

Unemployed slacker(though he lists his jobs as "handyman, bookie, evil dark lord").

Wears the Slusho T-shirt in the trailer. Apparently likes Slusho drinks a lot.

Goes missing after the first attack in the trailer ("where's Jason?!")

Also from Minneapolis, like Rob. Graduated Washburn High in 95, 3 years ahead of cousin Rob; no college.

Has a gambling addiction; bets on sports.

Has oddly death-oriented pics (foreshadowing?)


Beth McIntyre (played by Odette Yustman)




26 years old.

Rob's best friend; the attraction is probably much deeper, but neither has admitted to it yet. (Just one small fer-instance: Beth's a surfer, and likes surfer dudes; Rob complains on his website that he wishes he knew how to surf.)

A program trader for Citigroup.

From Imperial Beach, CA.

Graduated from NYU in 02 with Rob, where they met and became best buds in the marketing (or other business) program.

From a player on unfiction.com: Beth finally responded to my message about the Kylie Minogue video on her page. I told her I thought it was cool and, to dig for clues, I asked if she had it up for the song or the video itself. She said she liked the video after seeing it on "her friend Rob's Michael Gondry dvd". There's been several refs to Michel Gondry lately...hm.



Lily (Lil) Ford (played by Jessica Lucas)



26 years old.

JJ's live-in girlfriend. They have a baby.

An HR rep for Penguin Publishing.

Very intelligent and literate; an odd couple with her slacker boyfriend, JJ.

Devout Democrat; member of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

Originally from Toronto.

In the trailer, she's the dark-skinned girl who runs out into the street and screams: "What is it? Is it coming this way?"

Appears to be of Hispanic descent (talks about going to a bodega; they set up a pinata in their apartment for Rob)

From her PM to a player over on unfiction.com: "Oh that's random, we had a wedding this weekend, too! We stayed at a ski lodge in Vermont with a bunch of college friends. So much fun."



Hudson (Hud) Platt (played by TJ Miller http://imdb.com/name/nm2554352/)



26 years old

Close friend of Rob. Rob's his MAIN DUDE.

Intern at some type of newspaper.

Major comic-book geek.

Hometown listed as "Springfield" (no state). This could be just a Simpsons joke.

Some posters here on IMDB have noticed that Hud's not part of LenaDia's circle of friends: reasons: a) they don't really know each other (she refers to him as "Lil's roommate Niles"); b) he's a geek and she's a fashionista.

Hud *might* be the guy who's filming the movie trailer ("how'm I gonna live without you, Rob? You're my main dude.")

Has a real thing for Jamie.

Roommate of Rob and Hawk & Lil.

Not sure if/where he went to college, but he may be the one the AKM paddle belongs to. Alpha Kappa Mu is an honor fraternity; it does not have a chapter at NYU, where Rob went. Hud seems the next most likely to be an AKM frat.

Rob mentions "musta been all the grimadi's last night -- just stay outta my room, ok?!" (Seems to be hiding something from Hud.)

According to a comment by Hawk to an ARG player, "as is usually the case, the weirdest person in the room wants to talk to Hud."

His favorite X-Man is Cyclops. Leonardo is his favorite TMNT. That's because he likes leader-types (such as Rob?)

Hud's Myspace music (The White Stripes) was "deleted by the artist." Not sure why, or how "in-game" this is; could be possible that the White Stripes don't appreciate being indirectly part of this ARG. Who knows?

Exchange of PMs with an unfiction.com player: yo hudson. why arent you friends with lena? i think if you turned up your game, you could tap that ass! hell yea son, get at it. bring her to the naked foyer, if you catch my drift. OF COURSE YOU DO! And he replied back: "haha, i've been trying, man" So Hud's been after Lena. Not really a surprise: I suspect Hud would prolly hit the sack with any chick drunk enough to say Yes...

Another PMX with an unfiction player: I sent Hud a message saying "Large jungle cats...hallelujah to the brother." (among other things) and he replied "I want to die and be reincarnated as a leopard."

Just changed his Myspace music to "Jubilee" by The Willowz. (His White Stripes tune was removed earlier...see above.)



Marlena (LenaDia, or just Lena) Diamond (played by Lizzie Caplan)



26 years old

Assistant at Atlas Talent Agency (****WARNING: I tried looking Atlas Talent Agency up online, wound up getting a nasty toolbar virus...might wanna stay away from that one.)

A glam-girl fashionista, who describes herself as a swinger.

From Norwalk, CT originally, where she graduated HS in 99.

Graduated from Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in 2003.

Seems to be a friend of Lily Ford from way back; not sure how they met.

Has oddly death-oriented pictures (foreshadowing?)

her pic seems to be posted on the fridge in Rob's apartment

Has, by far, the least amount of Myspace friends (only 77 at last count). Also doesn't update her MSP or blog much. Seems either very shy, or very picky, or she's just not into the whole Myspace thing much.

Just added Sammy Sosa to her blog "list of people who look like they have Down's syndrome, but really don't" (along with Kirsten Dunst, Peyton Manning and Mark Hamil ). It's just me, but: Lena sounds more and more like a mega-b****, and a colossally stupid one at that. Paris Hilton, anyone?


Jamie Lascano (played by ?????)



25 years old

Not sure of her occupation. Maybe a photographer? Could be the one taking the 1-18-08 photos.

A swinger, A Wiccan...something of a mystery girl.

Appears in Pic #5 on 1-18-08 with Rob and Hud.

Grew up in Weymouth, MA.

Graduated from Ithaca College in 04 with a degree in OCLD (Organizational Communication, Learning & Design, which seems to be a fancy way of saying media marketing) and a minor in photography.

Has a friend named "Linds," who sent her a cryptic text message saying "Evil abounds, Demon-Born. Eat two sandwiches."

Her favorite place to be is "underwater."

Where she would like to go: the far future. Similar to Beth's cryptic quote about wishing she could meet a future version of herself.

Born on Christmas Day.

"What do you drink in the morning?

The blood of the young and helpless."

Doesn't seem to be in the 1-18-08 trailer; is it possible that she's actually the monster...??? I mean, if it *is* about Slusho transforming people into a monster or something....I'm just sayin' this chick might be the one...

Recently received a job promotion.

Has, by far, the largest amount of Myspace friends (cribbed mainly from here on IMDB and other forums following the movie)...712, at latest count. Seems very indiscriminate in who she accepts into her "circle."


***"TOM": Early on, the group had "Tom" listed as a friend. This is just a generic first-time "friend" created automatically on Myspace: it's Myspace president Tom Anderson. Obviously, no real connection to the movie/ARG (other than $hitloads of free publicity, of course).


***Blake Lively: listed in a recent New York Post article as being part of the cast, and appears in the trailer; but does not have a known Myspace page for the movie as yet. (Could she be the "Linds" that Jamie was referring to...?)


***Kelvin Yu: movie name unknown; also part of the cast (Japanese guy at the sushi bar in the trailer); also without a Myspace account or known attachment to the group yet; may live in the apartment shown in the trailer, which is decorated (at least partially) in an Asian motif complete with sushi bar;


***"Eleven Bucks Guy": real name unknown at this point; played by Brian Klugman; in trailer, tells Rob "you owe me 11 bucks" and closes out the trailer with the ironic statement "this is going to be the best night ever"; also part of the cast; no Myspace account as yet.


***Ryan Key: (real-life) lead singer of Yellowcard; apparently plays a bartender in the party in the movie trailer; movie name unknown

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Tu es très perspicace, et pour te féliciter,voici donc une photo du film qu'un ami dont je tairais le nom mais qui travaille sur le film m'a envoyé ce matin.


Le scoop est pour Zonebis et Niko13.












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Toujours plus loin dans le cryptique...


On sait que Abrams aime les indices qui connectent ses travaux (Slusho anyone ?), bien. Il est producteur exécutif de la série "What About Brian". Figurez vous que dans cette même série, la compagnie de jeu vidéo s'appelle "Leviathan".


Leviathan donc... Vient de la mer... Peut être plusieurs créatures gigantesques (du serpent de mer à la baleine dans "Moby Dick" par exemple), crache du feu (voir la Bible : Livre de Job chapitre 41), bref bref...

Une piste de plus pour ceux qui pensent que se seront bien les 3 monstres de la Bible, Leviathan, Behemoth et Ziz, au demeurant de grandes figures biblique chez les Juifs.


Donc, rappel à ce point du thread. Il y a 3 rugissements dans le trailer.


Le premier suivi d'un tremblement de terre : Behemoth.

Le deuxième d'une explosion de feu : Leviathan.

Le troisième suivi de la tête de la statue de la liberté qui valdingue : Ziz.


Je passe sur le fait que dans une des vidéos amateures faite sur le tournage, on peut entendre Rob dire "There's one up there" ce qui peut aussi laisser penser qu'il y a plusieurs monstres.


Le site SLUSHO.

Puisqu'il s'ouvre de plus en plus et que Abrams a clairement dit qu'il était raccord avec le marketing du film.


L'histoire nous dit donc que la créatrice de Slusho était surnommée la "petite baleine". Partie en mer pour chercher l'ingrédient suprême pour les Slushos, elle disparue. Son fils Ganu continua les expérimentations sur les goûts des Slusho et finalement laissa tomber. Il se consacra a des recherches scientifiques. Un jour, ses collègues et lui découvrirent au fond des mers un ingrédient inconnu et unique. Cette nuit la, Ganu rêva qu'il était un petit poisson. Il rencontra une baleine qui lui dit de consommer cet étrange ingrédient, ce qu'il fit, sans retenu. Il se transforma alors en une baleine géante. Il repris donc les expérimentation sur les mélanges de goût pour les Slushos avec cette contrainte : L'ingrédient avait été trouvé au fin fond des océans, sous une pression énorme et le froid le plus total. Il fallait donc que Ganu conserve le coté frigorifié de l'ingrédient, sous peine de... Ben on sait pas. Tout ce qu’on sait c’est que « Slusho is People ».


Autre indice, les deux personnage (le garçon et la fille) qui anime le site sont successivement selon les parties du site : sur terre, dans les airs et sous la mer.


Toujours dans la partie "Story" du site, on peut y voir plusieurs animaux nageant sous l'eau et rêvant.

Un petit poisson y rêve de "fromage".


Il faut savoir que le nom "officiel" du film pour les autorisations de tournage est "Cheese"

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Moi je comprends rien.

Mais c'est quoi Slusho???


Une boisson japonaise fictive que Abrams a introduit dans "Alias". Un truc de mélange de gouts.


Cloverfield a aussi été appelé Slusho dans les premiers temps et un des gars dans le trailer a un t-shirt Slusho (que toi aussi tu peux acheter sur le site officiel ).


Ah sinon j'avais aussi oublié de parler de la bible

Dans l'épître de Paul aux Romains, chapitre 1:18 (Yeah ! Bingo !), on lit "La colère de Dieu se révèle du ciel contre toute impiété et toute injustice des hommes qui retiennent injustement la vérité captive"... Mmmmmhmmmhmmm...

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Sur un forum ils disent que Slusho serait le nom mexicain d'un monstre marin dans une légende à la con.


sinon la vidéo la plus mortelle




Thierry Messan est sur le coup !

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Je connaissais cette statue... Mais je trouve que le fake est excellent. D'ailleurs on continue !




ET pour ceux qui ne lavait pas vu, une scène du tournage. certains pensent que c'est la fameuse "fin alternative" citée sur les plans de travail du film.




La mort des héros ?



Pour finir, un post qui déchire les aisselles d'Eve Angeli sur le forum IMDB...


Dear IMDb,


My name is Gerald Webber. I live in New York City. In June of last year, our city was ravaged by a monster that no one knows nothing about. All I heard were peircing screams while I hid in my Manhattan office, waiting for the rampage to end.


After the carnage ended, I tried to find news about the "monster" and the attack. But I didn't find a single newspaper article, or T.V report. There was nothing on the internet. I later found out that the Government went for broke and did everything they could to conceal what happened. I got to hand it to them, they sure know how to cover up news especailly something of this magnitude.


One night, I awoke to find a syringe embedded in my skull. I asked my Girlfriend to remove it. She gingerly removed it. There was very little blood. I took the syringe to a friend of mine who is a biologist. He looked it over and told me that there were traces of UO126 in the syringe. UO126 is used to wipe out people's memory. I asked him and my girlfriend if this had anything to do with the monster attack. They then looked at me and said, "What monster attack?" Apparently, they had already been exposed to the UO126 and their memory of the incident was wiped clean.


I am the only person who knows what really happened. And I am here to tell all of you to not be duped -- this is not a movie, but a documentary of that day. I know, because I am apart of this documentary and I am using footage from a digital camcorder that I found in a nearby stormdrain of that incident to help sell this "movie."




Gerald Webber


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La suite


Dear IMDb,


It's me, Gerald Webber, again. I just wanted to silence all the skeptics who continually bash me and the truth that I am trying to tell all of you. If you would like to know more about what it is that I am talking about, or if you are new here, just hit the following link:


That being said, I think it's time that I give to you a real photograph of the monster that attacked New York in June of 2006. I was there, and this is an image from a digital camera that I was able to salvage from the primary attack site. The camera was found in a nearby storm drain. It was heavily damaged, but the memory card was still intact. I was able to retrieve these photos of the monster. I warn you, this may be quite farring [jarring? scarring?] for you.


This is a picture of the monster. As you can see, the skin is very chapped and has many crevices to it. And the mouth is monstrous. It is constantly open and just hangs there without closing shut. It's rather menacing to relive this. The picture is quite blurry and was taken in night vision mode. http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/5776/monster14zc5.jpg

(putain la photo déchire tout )


The fear that pulsates through my body when I see that image is just excrutiating. You may laugh at me, but you have to have been there on that day to know the fear the succumbs me when seeing this grisly image.


The photo-team is trying to colorize this photo; to give it depth and color so that we can see what the monster looked like in bright day instead of dark night. Once that photo becomes available, I will post it.


More will come when the documentary releases on January 18, 2008.




Gerald Webber



Now, cleolinda's already mostly disproved this:

"I talked to someone who pointed out that the pictures on the 1-18-08.com site (more on that in a bit) are specifically dated... 1-18-08. Which means that whatever monster attack takes place in 2008, not June 2006 (or did he mean 2007 by "last June"?). Therefore, the 1-18-08 "documentary" cannot be about something that has already happened. Nice try, Gerald. The problem is--and more on this as well in a bit--that, with this kind of alternate reality game, the players have the same access to the medium (the internet) as the "puppetmasters," as they're called in ARG-land, and can put up fake or piggyback sites on their own."



According to teh internets, UO126 is an inhibitor of mitogen-activated protein kinases. Thanks to the power of Wikipedia, I think it can be gathered that this Gerard guy is wrong about what 0123WTF does. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with memory inhibition. MAPs are growth cell things.


So, theories on this guy?



Et le plus drôle est sans doute:



2007-07-08 05:07 am UTC (link)

Hoax. At least, as much of a "hoax" as anything can be in an ARG. The guy's style of speaking is repetitive and his grammar/sentence structure is poor; while this is not in itself unusual for the Internet, I would think that a post meant to perpetuate the game (and ideally sponsored by the studio or whatever company it hired for this sort of thing) would be a little cleaner and less awkward-sounding.

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C'est lourd, mais il y a la photo couleur, alors bon...


Dear IMDb,


I promised all of you that I would post a colorized version of the night vision picture of the monster that was seen in this thread: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1060277/board/flat/78994725?p=1


And, as many of you know, the incident occurred in June of last year: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1060277/board/flat/78790618?p=1


Now that the photo team has finished analyzing the night vision photo that was retrieved from the memory card of a digital camera that was found in the storm drain at the site of the incident, I am proud to show you the colorized version.


This is the best that our photo team could do to sharpen and bring some detail to the image. It looks rather amphibious to me. Dr. Borin and Dr. Sycamore think that since the DNA sequence of this monster was that of AGTC codons, it is safe to say that this monster is indeed from this planet. The origin and habitat is still under speculation although great strides are being made daily.


So, here is the much anticipated colorized version of the night vision photo.


Night Vision photo of the monster: http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/5776/monster14zc5.jpg


Colorized and sharpened version of the night vision photo:


I posted a thread similar to this yesterday, but I had to delete it due to concerns by Dr. Borin. Now that the concerns have been addressed, we are able to repost this again. Thanks.




Gerald Webber

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