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Psychotronic Video (1989 - 2007)


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Voilà un thread qui arrive un peu tard…et oui malheureusement la revue s’arrête…je viens seulement de le comprendre (je faisais un petit tour juste pour voir si il y avait un nouveau numéro mais sans jamais descendre un peu plus pour lire la triste nouvelle).


Michael J. Weldon

Meanwhile after 18 years and 41 issues - Psychotronic is finished for now as a magazine. This very difficult decision shouldn't have taken me so long to make but I was still trying to restructure and keep going. I

had been planning to publish the very overdue issue #42 (pictured) but too many things have changed.


le site internet Psychotronic Vidéo


Une revue INDISPENSABLE pour les amoureux du bis, de curiosité, de film inédit ou rare dans nos contrées.



Bref très très triste… un apperçu des sommaires :


Je vous invite à faire un tour sur le site pour voir les magnifiques covers (malheureusement on ne peut les mettre formats .gif et non jpeg)


Couverture du numéro 1 à 20


PV#1 - History of the song Papa Oom Mow Mow and history of Ohio music, Psychotronic in Sweden, Clive Barker interview, Karen Black. John Carradine as homeless Uncle Sam cover.


PV#2 - Career interviews with Joe Spinell (by Tom Rainone) and Davie Allan (of The Arrows) and brief Robert Wise interview. First columns by Art Black (Records) and Dale Ashmun (Spare Parts). Beauties And The Beast cover.


PV#3 - The Electric Eels, Mondo Movies (Pt. 1) (by Charles Kilgore), interviews with Sid Haig and Wings Hauser. Note: from this issue on, all PV interviews cover entire careers with filmographies. Many are the best and the first, last or only interviews with the subjects. First Never To be Forgotten (obits) column. First celebrity with PV issue contents photo (Joey Ramone). Sadismo cover.


PV#4 - Interviews with James Hong and David Carradine (Pt. 1), Mondo Movies (Pt. 2), Psychotronic In Brazil. Carradine Kung Fu cover.


PV#5 - Interviews with Jose Mojica Marins (Coffin Joe), Julie Adams and David Carradine (Pt. 2), Mexican Boris Karloff movies, tribute to William Kerwin. Macumba Love Cover.


PV#6 - Interviews with Timothy Carey, Susan Tyrrell and Luigi Cozzii, tribute to Michael Powell. Blacksnake! cover.


PV#7 - Interviews with Peter Fonda and Paul Naschy, Fanzine feature, epic David Carradine letter. Velvet Vampire cover.


PV#8 - Interviews with Lawrence Tierney, Russ Tamblyn and nudie director A. C. Stephens. Werewolf In A Girls Dormitory cover


PV#9 - Interviews with James Coburn and John Agar, epic Deathsport director letter. Wild Weed cover.


PV#10 - Interviews with Fred Williamson and William Grefe. Werewolves On Wheels cover.


PV#11 - Interviews with John Astin, Larry Cohen and Sammy Petrillo, censored Drew Freidman Toxic High cards art. Mamie Van Doren Sex Kittens Go to College cover.


PV#12 - Interviews with Tura Satana, Titus Moody and John Phillip Law, 50 years of horror zines and books, 2nd epic David Carradine letter. Tura Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! cover.


PV#13 - Interviews with Jack Hill and Zalman King, Twistin In The Jungle (rock n roll comps). Barbara Steele Castle of Blood cover.


PV#14 - Interviews with Timothy Farrell, Brad Dourif and Roberts Blossom, The Spook Show Racket. Drew Friedman art Farrell cover.


PV#15 - Interviews with Harrison Marks (with Pam Green nude shots), Antonio Fargas, John Verson, and Peter Jackson, Buried Alive With Don Davison (Spook Show followup). Angela Mao Deep Thrust cover.


PV#16 - Interviews with Bob Clark, Michael Berryman, Curtis Harrington and Jeff Morrow. First Who reads Psychotronic feature. Monster From the Ocean Floor cover.


PV#17 - Interviews with sex movie director Radley Metzger, James Best, Stuart Lancaster and Robert Clarke (Pt. 1), Psychotronic Women (signed photos from the collection of Johnny Ramone). Lady Frankenstein cover.


PV#18 - Interviews with nudie director William Rotsler (includes naked Uschi pics), Steve James, Dario Argento and Robert Clarke (Pt. 2). Orgy Of the Living Dead cover.


PV#19 - Interviews with Al Adamson, Regina Carrol, Cameron Mitchell, Royal Dano and Leo Fong. Satan's Sadists cover.


PV#20 - Interviews with June Wilkinson (nude photos), Brion James, Bruce Glover (Pt.1), and William Lustig. 48 Hours To Live cover.


Couverture du numéro 21 à 40


PV#21 - Interviews with Dean Stockwell, L. Q. Jones (Pt. 1) and Bruce Glover (Pt. 2). Brain That Wouldn't Die cover.


PV#22 - Interviews with Dolores Fuller, Christopher Mitchum, Don "The Dragon' Wilson and L. Q. Jones (Pt. 2). Green Slime cover.


PV#23 - Interviews with Andrew Robinson, Patty McCormack, Clint Howard and Robert Ginty, Ed Wood Jr. and Shotgun Wedding. First of Art Black's movie columns (concentrates on Asian films). I Drink Your Blood/I Eat Your Skin cover.


PV#24 - Interviews with James Karen, Julie Ege, Larry Buchanan, and John "Bud' Cardos. First 100 page issue. More of everything!


PV#25 - Special Ghoulardi/Ernie Anderson tribute issue with Ghoulardi movies, music and more. Interviews with Monte Helllman, Richard Bakalyan, and Harry Thomas. Black Pit of Dr. M cover.


PV#26 - Interviews with June and Tim Ormond, nudie director Doris Wishman, porn director Gregory Dark, and Edd "Kookie' Byrnes. Die Sister Die cover.


PV#27 - Interviews with Mary Woronov, Jonathon Haze, R. G. Armstrong (Pt. 1), Daniel Roebuck, and Conrad Brooks. More Ghoulardi movies. Missile To The Moon cover.


PV#28 - Interviews with David Marks of The Beach Boys, Mickey Spillaine, Bo Hopkins, Liz Renay, and R. G. Armstrong (Pt. 2). Vincent Price Confessions of An opium Eater cover.


PV#29 - Interviews with Larry Tamblyn of The Standells, Marc Lawrence, Cornell WIlde, Greta Gynt, and Jesus Franco on working with Orson Welles, movies on The Ghoul Show. White Slave Ship cover. Note: #29 says #28 on the cover.


PV#30 - Tenth Anniversary issue. Interviews with Sam The Sham of The Pharoahs, Al Frazier of The Rivingtons, Edward Bernds, and Natham Juran, Son of Ghoul movies. Shirley Eaton Million Eyes Of Su Muru cover.


PV#30 - Tenth Anniversary issue. Interviews with Sam The Sham of The Pharoahs, Al Frazier of The Rivingtons, Edward Bernds, and Natham Juran, Son of Ghoul movies. Shirley Eaton Million Eyes Of Su Muru cover.


PV#31 - Interviews with The Alice Cooper band, Jerry Cole, Don Pedro Colley, Vladek Sheybal, and Gary Kent, Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame. First of Akira Fitton's DVD columns. Fury Of The Pagans cover.


PV#32 - Interviews with Pete Best of The Beatles, Bobby "Boris' Pickett, Diana Dors, Ted V. Mikels, and Alex D'Arcy, The Brain That Wouldn't Die. Bluebeard's Ten Honeymoons cover.


PV#33 - Cleveland's Upbeat! special (with The Sonics, The Rationals and Question Mark inteviews), Interviews with Robert Quarry, Buck Kartalian, and Julie Strain. Brain Eaters cover.


PV#34 - Interviews with Sybil Danning, Frankie Howerd, Jesse Vint, and Dan O'Herlihy, Ohio band photos by Monica Dee. Ebony, Ivory And Jade cover.


PV #35- Interviews with Anna Lisa, Maxwell Caulfield, Tom DeSimone, and Paul Koslo. Gray Morrow BRAIN OF BLOOD cover.


PV #36 - Interviews with Clu Gulager, Donad G. Jackson, and Jeremy Slate. Ming The Merciless from FLASH GORDON cover


PV #37- Interviews with Burt Kwouk, Roy Loney, and Paul Vincent Schiavelli. Gray Morrow UNTAMED WOMEN cover


PV #38 - Interviews with Malcolm McDowell, Jan Shepard and Don Stroud. ATTACK OF THE 50' WOMAN cover.


PV #39- Interviews with Lindsay Boom, Bruce Campbell, Billy Drago, and Yvette Vickers. ANGEL ANGEL DOWN WE GO! cover ($6)


PV #40 - Interviews with Brett Halsey, Robert Downey Sr, and John Saxon plus special 50s TV section. HERCULES IN NEW YORK


ROBERT FUEST, from London, was a graphic designer who went to work on TV shows (including THE AVENGERS), directed both of the stylistic hit DR. PHIBES movies starring Vincent Price, and THE LAST DAYS OF MAN ON EARTH which has a growing cult following. Anthony Petkovich. (now an editor At Adam Film World in L.A.) has interviewed Antonio Fargas, Bruce Glover, Andrew Robinson, Vincent Schiavelli and many others for PV.


KEN NORTON , was a major boxer who beat Muhammed Ali and went on to an acting career starring in two controversial seventies movies about American slavery, MANDINGO and DRUM. The big budget Dino Di Laurentiis productions spawned many (mostly Italian) imitations. Norton was interviewed by Paul Talbot in Columbia, South Carolina.





Bibi n'a malheureusement que huit numéros de cette revue mais je vais tenter d'y remedier

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Dommage, dommage pour ce défenseur du bis... purée, ça commence à sentir le sapin pour les revues US, après Cinefantastique et une autre dont je ne me souviens plus du nom, c'est l'hécatombe !


Sinon il y a moins d'un mois à NY, je tombe sur la fameuse "Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film" à 11$ dans une librairie d'occase... j'hésite, me disant que j'allais repasser après le boulot... bonne idée car en revenant quelques jours plus tard, le livre avait été "déclassé" des étagères pour échouer sur les étales à l'extérieur à... 1$ !!!



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