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Supercopter - Donald P Bellisario - (1984 - 1987)


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putain pas de thread pour cette série des années 80


Peter qu'est ce que tu branles !!?


Crée par Donald P Bellisario (Code Quantum, J.A.G)



lu sur NostaligiaCentral.com


Airwolf is a combat helicopter - but it’s no ordinary combat helicopter. It flies very fast and has really big guns. In fact, it's a Mach 1+ attack helicopter with the most advanced weapons system in the air today. It has also been pinched, by ace test pilot Stringfellow Hawke


Hawke (a cello-playing mountain recluse) has hidden the chopper in the desert somewhere in the western USA, but has promised to look after the chopper, and to return it safe and sound if the government find his brother, St John Hawke, who is MIA (missing in action) in Vietnam.


Hawke is a brilliant combat pilot and brings Airwolf out to play every now and then when Archangel, (the Deputy Director of the agency known as The Firm) has a mission of national concern for him. Archangel inconspicuously always wore a white suit and an eye patch and carried a stick!


Then Hawke and his middle-aged co-pilot and buddy Dominic Santini fire up the chopper and go and upset whoever they are tasked with upsetting.


In later episodes they were also sometimes joined by female pilot Caitlin O'Shannessy. Archangel's attractive assistant Marella also made an appearance.


Airwolf underwent a change in 1987 when CBS cancelled the show and it carried on with a different cast on the USA Cable Network.


Tintintintin tintin tintin tintin tintin tin tin tin (c'est la musique pas un chant à la gloire du personnage de Hergé )





la musique qui déchitre tout clic droit enregistrer sous ou cliquez pour écouter

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