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Mammoth - Lukas Moodysson (2009)


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Moodysson to make first English-language film


17 May 2007 04:32



Swedish director Lukas Moodysson is to begin work later this year on Mammoth, his first English-language feature.


The film (which is being pre-sold in Cannes by Trust Film Sales) marks Moodysson’s return to “a more narrative style” in the vein of Together and Lilya 4-Ever after his recent experimental movies Container and A Hole In My Heart.


Mammoth is also Moodysson’s most ambitious project yet. The shoot will take place in New York, Thailand, The Philippines and Sweden.


The film revolves around successful New York couple Tom and Ellen, their eight-year-old daughter and their Filipino nanny, Gloria. On a business trip to Thailand, Tom realises that he wants to change his life. His decision sets in motion a dramatic chain of events.


“The aim is to tell this story in a moving, entertaining, big-hearted way,” producer Lars Jonsson of Memfis Film commented. The cast will be announced later this summer with principal photography due to begin in October.


A Swedish/German/Danish co-production, mammoth will be produced by Memfis Film in co-production with Zentropa. Confirmed financiers are Film I Väst, SVT, TV2 Denmark, Swedish Filminstitute, Danish Filminstitute and Nordic Film & TV Fund.


Toujours pas vu Container, mais A Hole In My Heart était catastrophique. J'espère qu'il se rattrapera avec celui-là.

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While on a trip to Thailand, a successful American businessman tries to radically change his life. Back in New York, his wife and daughter find their relationship with their live-in Filipino maid changing around them. At the same time, in the Philippines, the maid's family struggles to deal with her absence.


Moodysson is back, Babel style !



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Bon, y'a pas à chier, c'est mieux que les trucs expérimentaux que le sieur nous a fait depuis Lilya 4-ever, mais bon c'est quand même loin d'être brillant. Le thème est vu et revu, c'est larmoyant et prévisible, et même si c'est efficace, ça aurait eu le mérite d'être un peu plus court. Belle prestation de Michelle Williams qui domine le reste d'un casting qui ne démérite pas. Après je sais pas si c'est parce que l'anglais n'est pas la langue natale de Moodysson, mais les dialogues sont super pompeux n'aide en rien les nombreux points de vue assez superficiels du film (la globalisation et l'argent nous éloigne des choses essentielles, la famille est le seul refuge; oui mais Moodysson n'apporte aucune solution crédible pour ses personnages).

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