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Dr. Steve-o


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Every Monday at 11/10C on USA Network, Dr. Steve-O, along with his beautiful bombshell nurse, Trishelle, and fearsome but trustworthy driver, Reggie, set off in their tricked-out ambulance on a cross-country mission to "de-wussify" wimps, wussies, nerds and couch potatoes in desperate need of the doctor's immediate attention.


Nominated by their buddies, girlfriends, wives, mothers, co-workers and sometimes even themselves to be "de-wussified," each "patient" of Dr. Steve-O embarks on an extreme attitude adjustment specifically tailored to their "wussdom," be it low self-esteem, an office bully or just lack of experience with women.


Steve-O will confront the guys, infiltrate their lives and shock them out of their shells by making them perform hilarious stunts and embarrassingly funny and demented dares! At the end of each show, our "wussies" will walk away having overcome their issues and fears



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