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Vultures - pas de réal pour le moment, 2008


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Robert E. Howard semble être en vogue, puisqu'après l'annonce de SOLOMON KANE, voici qu'on apprend que son western forcément bourrin connaît actuellement les bonheurs de la préproduction.


Pas de réal à l'heure qu'il est mais un scénariste, David Heller, qui semble sorti de nulle part.


J'espère sincèrement que ça se fera.



Based on the story "The Vultures of Wahpeton" by Robert E. Howard, the film combines somber violence with an underlying dark satire in telling the exciting tale of Steve Corcoran, a Texas gunslinger who finds himself far from home in a mining boomtown called Wahpeton Gulch. He soon finds it a place with secrets lurking around every corner when he accepts the job of deputy and is drawn into a conspiracy by The Vultures -- a gang of merciless, thieving, murdering outlaws. But Corcoran is his own man, and when danger threatens his saloon-girl sweetheart, Glory, he has to decide whether to remain quiet or to dispense his own brand of .45-caliber justice. The journey takes him from cowboy drifter to man of the law to lover. Along the way, he'll use every ounce of his cunning and pistoleer ability to save the town, the girl, and his own life. Written by Paradox Entertainment



Voila, c'est donc annoncé par Paradox Entertainment qui, semble-t-il, gèrent l'héritage d'Howard:




Paradox Entertainment owns, develops and licenses brands, including the stories and characters of Robert E. Howard: Conan, Kull, Bran Mak Morn and Solomon Kane. Paradox also owns the self-developed Mutant Chronicles, with a motion picture premiering in 2008, featuring Thomas Jane, Ron Perlman and John Malkovich.


Perso, je ne sais pas ce que sont ces Mutant Chronicles...mais c'est un chouette nom.

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