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Santo et le trésor de Dracula - René Cardona - 1969

Basculo Cui Cui

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coming soon at jeremie's




After the successful invention of a time machine, El Santo and his friend, Dr. Sepulveda, must prove to their colleagues that the time machine really works in Treasure of Dracula. They will attempt this by searching for Dracula's treasure. Dr. Sepulveda's daughter, Luisa, volunteers to step into the time machine and take a trip back to the 19th century. Luisa returns with two bite marks on her neck and under Dracula's dangerous spell. Dracula is back with a vengeance. El Santo and friends must now match wits with him and fight to the death.



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Découvert aussi cette semaine, merci MyCanal


C'est kitschouille à souhait, mais charmant & plaisant, y'a une scène de catch, du voyage dans le temps, des vampires qui se transforment en chauve-souris, un sidekick débile, et plein de plan nichons (un peu gratuits )


Et le meilleur plot twist de l'histoire !




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