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The Kentucky Fried Horror Show - C.L. Gregory, 2008


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I'm sure some of you remember the little indie film that we have been following The Kentucky Fried Horror Show. Well today I recieved an e-mail from the director stating that KFC have brought out their D.C. attorney to try and stop the making of the film.


Apparently they have sent a letter to Director C.L. Gregory calling the film "Alarming, ghastly, disturbing, revolting and vile". How they would know all of this about the film before even reading a script is beyond me. The letter has come to his attention because of the poster and the depictions of human dismemberment on their Official Website: http://www.kentuckyfriedhorrormovie.com/


Now this is completely ridiculously to censor the entire film. Now their case over the poster may have some grounds but without even knowing what the film is about they are in way over their heads. Hopefully the problems will be worked out and Gregory can move ahead and make the film he set out to. Check out the poster below that they are referring to and sound off on the board.



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