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Vampires vs. Zombies - Vince D'Amato - 2004

Basculo Cui Cui

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coming soon at nicola's




The battle between theiliving anditheiundead has begun!


Jenna, who has fallen victim to a strange vampiric/zombie plague, sets out with her father to find and destroy the source of the vile infection. Only then will she be saved.


Along the way, they agree to provide safe passage for a mysterious woman, unaware she is actually Carmilla - a centuries-old baroness and the source of the plague! To make matters worse, the countryside is infected with armies of ferocious zombies.


In order to survive, they ally with The General, who has his own score to settle with Carmilla, as well as the weapons and means to do it. As the men battle endless attacks from the living dead, Carmilla slowly seduces Jenna in mind and body.


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