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Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet - Misty Mundae (2005)


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[img]http://www.seductioncinema.com/news_pics/2005_winter/images/dino_key1.jpg[/img] [i]Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet has just finished post-production, and fans eagerly awaiting this wild and woolly, one-of-a-kind Factory 2000/Seduction Cinema hybrid can look forward to an upcoming home video release by mid-2005. Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet began production in the summer 2000 as a Factory 2000 film written and directed by Bill Hellfire and starring soon-to-be Seduction Cinema sensation Misty Mundae and co-starring the scrumptious Mia Copia (An Erotic Vampire in Paris), Ruby LaRocca (Lustful Addiction) and Lily Tiger (Gladiator Eroticus). In 2002, after the project sat idle for a spell, Seduction Cinema producer Michael Raso decided to acquire the footage from Factory; shoot additional scenes with Ruby and Zoe Moonshine (Satan’s School for Lust) added to the erotic mix (they now play space-traveling aliens); and, finally, in 2004, add top-notch, stop-motion animation miniature dinosaur FX courtesy of filmmaker Brett Piper. The result is an ultra-sexy and outrageous Seduction Cinema release – one saved from oblivion! – unlike any seen before and one that will undoubtedly please long-time SC fans due to the interesting story behind its creation. Stay tuned for upcoming Seduction Cinema News on the scheduled release of… Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet![/i] :arrow: Trailer: http://www.eicinema.com/trailers/BikiniDSL.wmv roooooooooo les beaux dinos [img]http://www.seductioncinema.com/news_pics/2005_winter/images/Dinosaurs.jpg[/img]
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