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Zip ! - Robert J. Rosenthal - 1982

Basculo Cui Cui

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ca fait 1234256754324 ans que je l'ai pas revu !


je sais meme plus si je l'ai....



Scott Baio has his mind on science - and his eye on the girls - as the Emerson High School whiz kid with a little something extra, in this hilariously high flying farce, costarring Willie Aames and Heather Thomas!


When nerdy genius Barney Springboro's (Baio) experiments in higher horticulture blow up in his face, he's suddenly left with newfound powers of telekinesis! Now, his best pal Peyton (Aames) wants Barney idolized, a persistent newspaper reporter wants him publicized and his parents want him exorcised! All Barney wants is to finish his research - and get himself a date for the big dance. But when he gets Carrie-d away at the senior prom, pure chaos breaks loose - and everyone's clothing along with it!





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