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The Wizard of Speed and Time - Mike Jittlov (1988)


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La bande annonce :



Film maudit de Mike Jittlov qui reprend les concepts de base d'un court métrage homonyme réalisé quelques années plus tôt, The Wizard of Speed and Time est une merveille d'inventions et d'effets spéciaux diy. Aujourd'hui introuvable, le réalisateur a décidé de proposer le film en téléchargement gratuit et légal ! Vous pourrez le trouver sur la plupart des sites torrent, mais comme je ne sais pas si on peut diffuser les liens ici, je vous laisserai chercher de vous même.


Wizard of Speed and Time, the short, can be downloaded as a 700-megabyte DV codec AVI, from a color-corrected transfer from original film stock to DV under the auspice of anime-industry professional Neil Nadelman. Get it while there's still bandwidth to spare, folks. It may be torrented later on.


If you're interested in the full-length movie, well, we've got that, too. A 4.2 gigabyte DVD video file, compiled from the closer-to-directorial-vision laserdisc version of the movie, is torrenting right now. There are also 2-disc versions floating around, which have perhaps better picture quality—but with a transfer from LD you're probably not going to get full DVD quality no matter what.


Oh, and if you're worried about breaking the law, let me put your mind at ease: Mike Jittlov, the rights-holder, approves the copying and distribution of these films, given that there's not any possibility of a commercial DVD release at present; there's a "Special Karma Calming Notice" to that effect at the end of the DVD.

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