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Instatiable - Godfrey Daniels - 1980

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classique du hard de la grande époque, c'est quand meme pas terrible, ya rien de bien exceptionnel sauf un doublage de haute volée (Poivey, Préjean, et d'autres voix connues)





Marilyn Chambers plays heiress, model and actress Sandra Chase. She feels she is not sexually fulfilled. Her agent played by Jessie St James gets her a role in a new movie. She has encounters with Serena, and Richard Pacheo. She also tells a flashback story of her being devirginized by David Morris. She also has a fantasy encounter with Mike Ranger, Morris, and St James. She also has a fantasy encounter with John Holmes. St James and John Leslie get intimate in the film also.






Author: cbarfield from England


This movie will seem like a breath of fresh air for those of you which have grown up in the modern video generation.Its high production values not only allowed shooting in both L.A. and London, but was also filmed in glorious technicolor.Its use of outdoor locations will make you believe you are watching a mainstream movie(just wait till you see the overhead shot of Marilyn driving her Ferrari in the country)and a certain way of filming intimate sequences without encroaching on the performers enjoying themselves.


Sandra Chase,top model/actress is preparing for her latest production to begin,shes rich,beautiful and owns a mansion,in fact more than likely she lives Marilyns true life.While the plot is nearly non-existent,it is quite unlike the current video fodder that is shuffled out as quick as possible.


Godrey Daniels takes time in building up the couplings,in particular the scene with Jessie St James and John Leslie.It begins as they are finishing some after dinner conversation,while out on the patio and under the moonlight they start to kiss, giving the film both passion and realism before moving into more advanced foreplay.There is more traditional segments,my own favourite is when Arti Goldberg's (Richard Pacheco)car has run out of gas and Marilyn offers to syphon some juice out for him(this is not a metaphor created by this reviewer). John Holmes and David Morris also try to satisfy this charming woman,and if these legends fail what chance do the rest of us stand ? The only downside is the London footage which has no purpose other than padding out the running time.


The DVD is excellent with loads of extras including a commentary by Gloria Leonard,trailers,slide shows etc.


DVD finally offers the chance of seeing adult films from the golden era in top grade quality and this presentation is as good as it gets.















ONE OF MARYLIN'S BEST, 28 November 2001

Author: bazdol from THE MIDWEST


Far better than "Behind the Green Door," this is one of Marylin Chamber's best films. Her oral abilities remain uncontested to this day. The pool table scene with David Morris is something to behold. See also "Still Insatiable" which was made about 25 years late with a somewhat but still but sexy somewhat overweight Marylin. These two films have high production values for the genre and were shot in film instead of videotape. She is indeed a classy woman.


















Poor Little Rich Girl, 2 March 2008


Author: Dirtymoviedevotee (dries.vermeulen@hotmail.be) from Brugge, Belgium


One of the all time adult blockbusters, mainly because of the much awaited return of superstar Marilyn Chambers, who had taken a hardcore hiatus after exploding on screen in the Mitchell Brothers classics BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR and RESURRECTION OF EVE at the dawn of what was to be fleetingly labeled as "Porno Chic". In the meantime, the former Ivory Snow girl garnered considerable critical acclaim for her "straight" acting jobs both on stage and as the tormented anti-heroine of David Cronenberg's disturbing RABID. She was well aware however that she was the proverbial "big fish in a small pond" as far as her sex industry status was concerned, meaning that she could pretty much call the shots in ways her mainstream work would never allow. For her heavily hyped comeback extravaganza, she wisely called upon the talents of easy-going "Godfrey Daniels" a/k/a future TV producer Stu Segall, who had made a seamless transfer from sexploitation (including rough stuff like SADDLE TRAMP WOMEN and THE DIRTY DOLLS) to full color penetration with a slew of frothy fornication farces like the ludicrously titled but effortlessly entertaining TEENY BUNS, the terrific Laurien Dominique vehicle SUMMER SCHOOL and the sprawling SPIRIT OF SEVENTY-SEX, his most elaborate and ambitious feature to date. As he would put Chambers through her passionate paces on several more occasions – the sequel, the Country & Western carnal concoction UP 'N' COMING and even some of Marilyn's PRIVATE FANTASIES videotapes – we can safely assume that their collaboration was indeed a happy one.


Production and distribution was handled through Segall's newly founded Miracle Films, with the unforgettable tag-line – borrowed from the Amero Brothers' wickedly witty BLONDE AMBITION, credit where it's due – "If it's a good film…it's a Miracle !" Sugar-coating aside and disregarding its top spot on many a favorites list of "those in the know", INSATIABLE actually proves a fairly flawed film in many respects, perhaps none more so than its unnecessarily disjointed narrative. As wealthy heiress, world-famous model and budding movie star – enough already ! – Sandra Chase (Marilyn, of course) wanders through London's tourist traps, complaining to elderly aunt Victoria (well-played by renowned British stage soprano Joan Turner, who recently turned up in Curtis Hanson's superior chick flick IN HER SHOES) how lonely life is at the top, the story proper unfolds through flashbacks within flashbacks in a structure that would be sophisticated if there were any story substance to support it. Auntie gets the flick's best line as she counters Sandra's self-pitying soliloquy with the remark that you can be lonely anywhere, "at least at the top, the food's better !" Much is made of our have it all heroine tragically losing both parents in a car crash on a trip to Switzerland a few years earlier, hopefully providing an explanation for her naughty needs, but Chambers doesn't strike me as particularly traumatized, just a happy healthy girl who likes sex a lot. Surely, porn has long passed the stage where supposed psychological aberrations were required to underpin such "bad" behavior in the name of "socially redeeming value" !


Better to focus on the film's handful of – admittedly, perfectly realized – sexual scenarios and let them tell the story instead. Sandra carnally congregates with reigning Hollywood superstar Renée Reynolds (Serena) in a steamy hot tub encounter that now feels frustratingly truncated in most versions due to the elimination of fist insertion footage. Much more satisfying is Sandra's pick-up of adorably dorky Artie Goldberg (Richard Pacheco), resplendent in full baseball Little League regalia, whose car has broken down on the way to the big game. Excellent acting by both stars with dialog that feels completely natural – as it does throughout the entire movie – heightens the eroticism of the explicit pay-off. The scene everyone remembers, Sandra losing her virginity to crude family gardener David Morris (Georgina Spelvin's tennis pro from Ron Sullivan's superlative BABYLON PINK) on the pool table as recounted to sympathetic personal assistant Flo (the incomparable Jesie St. James), has proved problematic for some female viewers as it's one of those "they may (mildly) protest at first" numbers. In its defense, and as far as rape fantasies go (and any Cosmo girl knows by now that it's perfectly natural to have them), this kind of scene has rarely been done to better effect. A tender tryst on a nighttime patio between Flo and matinée idol Roger Adams (John Leslie) supplies a romantic counterpart – complete with marriage proposal ! – with the time-tested chemistry between the perfectly matched stars (who worked together on TALK DIRTY TO ME, HOTLINE, Matinée IDOL, etc.) very much in evidence. Refusing to be eclipsed, Marilyn brings up the rear – in every sense – with an extended fantasy sequence involving Morris, Mike Ranger and, replying to her murmured pleading of "more, more, more", John Holmes !


Production was clearly designed to achieve opulence on a limited budget, establishing a visual style that would become the stock in trade of the straight to tape/cable "erotic thriller" of the '80s. Sandra lives in a huge mansion, drives a convertible and has guests flown in by helicopter. 'Nuff said ? Plus, location shooting, however ineffectual, always gives the impression of tons of money having been spent, with Europe looking particularly expensive to American audiences for some deep-seated "Old World" reason. Subsequent TV camera ace James Bagdonas (a/k/a "J.R. Baggs"), who wound up shooting BOSTON LEGAL, makes everything and everyone look good with soft hazy lighting. An original song-filled soundtrack, a Segall trademark, completes the package. Even commonly cut-throat carnal connoisseurs like the late Jim Holliday seemed overly impressed with its shiny wrapping paper. Maybe Marilyn's award-winning theme song "Shame On You" sums it up best : "Sometimes love ain't nothing but a misunderstanding between two fools…" Read into that what you will…




















All-Time Classic!, 17 September 2001


Author: dgordon-1 from Toronto, Canada


I had heard about this movie back in the '80s, and finally rented it a few years ago on Pay-Per-View. It was made during a time when adult movies actually looked like real movies-shot on 35mm film. The film locations and sets indicate that the movie had a big budget, compared to other adult features of the time. The charismatic Marilyn Chambers plays a model/actress that can't seem to find satisfying relationships, but has a whole lot of fun trying. It's a definite classic adult film and a must have for VHS/DVD classic adult film collectors.



















This movie is a true representation of high quality pornography, 8 March 2007


Author: tilteddonkey from United States


I saw this movie for the first time back in 82'-83'(not too long after its release)I was just a child then(11 or 12 years old),I found my dad's secret porno stash and introduced myself to the world of pornography.I remembered this movie from that point on.I brought the movie with me to my boarding school and it was soon stolen.I was heartbroken but life went on.Later in life(about 5 years ago)was at the Port Authority bus station and decided to walk across the street to the local porn shops.While inside, I managed to find this flick again, along with many other amazing vintage movies.For me, this movie was a "must buy" and that is exactly what I did.I rate this movie among the highest as far as porno quality can get.It contains the legendary John Holmes as well as other major players of the time.You might remember John Leslie from the original movie"Talk Dirty to Me"(another classic). Let me summarize it for everyone,this movie came out during a time where porn was king and amateurs would be forgotten.This movie is a must see, a true classic right up there with Debbie Does Dallas,The Devil In Miss Jones,and Newcomers.No disappointments.Period. I am quite sure however that this movie cannot be purchased nowadays with the original cover artwork(sprawled with stars on breasts).Get the movie and go back to a time when talent mattered.Now at 35, I can only be bothered by new movies containing amateurs holding no real imagination whatsoever.To me,newer porn is in fact a waste of time.Keep it real and keep it vintage(you won't go wrong). I'm not sure if there is a soundtrack available for this movie. P.S. another star very much worth seeing(if you like vintage) is the unforgettable Ginger Lynn. 2 of her greats are Pleasure Hunt 2 and Too Naughty to Say No. I hope I informed you well,thanks for reading this.



















Great Soundtrack, 18 September 2006


Author: jimel98 from United States


I saw this film in the theatre and damn, what a movie. I mean, it was actually GOOD! The soundtrack still slides through my mind from time to time, though it may not be exactly correct. Miss Chambers really can act and not just when having sex and of course, even to this day, she ain't hard on the eyes! She's a rich actress/model who manages to keep herself busy, but sadly, it's never enough, hence the title, INSATIABLE! Since it's a porn film, there's really no way you can spoil the ending, most endings are meaningless, but I'll tell ya, watch for the scene in the pool. Oh my that's good pool action! If you don't like porn, why are even reading this review? If you DO like porn (on occasion, of course) this movie, though old, is timeless.


















Absolutely awesome... best XXX film EVER!, 17 August 2003

Author: the_zero_g from nyc


This was the first porno I ever saw, and to this day, I am STILL in love with MC!


I need to know if anyone out there knows where i can find the SOUNDTRACK of this film? Insatiable has an awesome soundtrack, is there a place where I can find it?


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