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Pretty peaches - Alex DeRenzy - 1978

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A saucy little peach of a film., 20 March 1999


Author: Koli from Shropshire, England


Pretty Peaches is difficult if not impossible to find in a British video shop. New video censorship legislation in the mid-80s saw to that. It goes further than most adult films of the period in pushing out the boundaries. After 1984 it was beyond the boundary.


You don't often hear of a film featuring explicit treatment of enemas. Pretty Peaches did. Every other scene in the film, mandatory orgy included, fades from the memory long before that particular episode dims. The plot is of course secondary to the main action, but the story of the girl who suffers amnesia following a road accident is novel and also helps to make this a cut above the ordinary. See it if you get the chance.


















Only XXX movie I ever watched all the way through, 23 February 2005


Author: k57 from United States


Most XXX rated movies bore me or disgust me. Which is a shame, because one of the first ones I ever witnessed was Pretty Peaches I... this movie has it all. Granted, it's been over 10 years since I've seen it (though I'm downloading it right now... found it on Sharaza, hence my urge to look it up here), but it quickly became the standard all other XXX movies had to live up to, since (most don't hold my interest for more than ten minutes. Some would say that's long enough ).


The beginning was enough to hook me; I knew this wasn't going to be your typical hard-core movie (though the uncut version is very hard-core).


I remember the accident scene clearly... I watched it with my new wife (our first 'dirty movie' together) and we were both laughing our asses off at the absurdity of it all, but it was good laughter... suffice to say I believe our son was conceived that night.


Desiree Cousteau, wherever you are, I'm available now... MARRY ME!!!





















Oh happy days, 31 January 2004

Author: brnclytn from Brisbane, Australia


Boy i wish i could locate this movie..one of my first adult movies seen back in the early 80's and a real classic. Desiree Cousteau looks stunning - with the right mix of innocence and sexuality. It's genuinely - and intentionally - amusing. Heaps of fun.






















Wanna Nibble...Take a Bite !, 8 November 2003


Author: Dirtymoviedevotee (dries.vermeulen@hotmail.be) from Brugge, Belgium


This adult classic is late filmmaker Alex De Renzy's own personal favorite among a body of work that includes the likes of BABYFACE, FEMMES DE SADE and WILD THINGS. Many fans agree. Personally, I think that while some of his other movies might be more impressive on a purely sexual scale (the now extremely hard to locate FEMMES DE SADE in particular) this one surely stands as his best combination of hardcore sex with a honest to goodness light 'n' breezy bit o'plot.


Said plot actually derives from Voltaire's literary classic "Candide" about a naive young thing being manipulated by all and sundry. This story is better known to most people from the saucy reworking it received by Terry Southern and Mason Hoffenberg for their '60s bestseller "Candy", itself subjected to a heavily compromised film version with Ewa Aulin essaying the title role with an all star cast including Richard Burton and, er, Ringo Starr ?


The adult industry has adapted this timeless tale on (at least) three major occasions, De Renzy's attempt here being both the best as well as best known. Former Playmate Gail Palmer allegedly helmed (in actuality, she was always ably supported by the likes of Bob Chinn and Jeffrey Fairbanks) THE EROTIC ADVENTURES OF CANDY the same year PEACHES came out with former GONG SHOW bimbette Carol Connors (mother of mainstream actress Thora Birch !) who would also star in the slightly lesser sequel CANDY GOES TO Hollywood. Gerard (DEEP THROAT) Damiano revived the character (sort of) for his late '80s CANDY'S LITTLE SISTER SUGAR with the adorable Ariel Knight. Late prince of carnal comedy Chuck Vincent finally brought the tale to the screen in his own inimitable manner with DIRTY LILLY, putting saucy squaw Beth Anna (the Hyaptia Lee of the '70s) through her paces, emphasizing as per usual fun over, er, frolicking.


It's interesting to compare the CANDY series to PEACHES and its sequels. Where Palmer and Damiano were quite content to leave their much abused heroine a blissful bimbo unaware of the injustice heaped upon her, making her come across as if she'd been kicked in the head as a kid, De Renzy took a decidedly different route. Desirée Cousteau may be very much the ultimate ditz with a head full of air and a body built for bump 'n' grind but the character was rethought fairly radically for subsequent decades. The mid-'80s PRETTY PEACHES II had underrated Siobhan Hunter (a treat and a half in Ron Sullivan's very funny THE ODDEST COUPLE) elevating the part from brain-dead to naive. Still a decade later Latina love goddess Keisha (THE SEDUCTION OF JENNIFER) would portray Peaches as merely inexperienced and therefore vulnerable to those predators around her in the wonderful PRETTY PEACHES III : THE QUEST. The difference in approach may strike some as superficial window dressing but makes for a fascinating growth in the character as De Renzy rather than continue the story chose to retell the tale for new times and sensibilities.





















importance of adult movies, 13 February 2000

Author: thebigkalowski from here I am!


*** This review may contain spoilers ***


The first adult movie I ever saw... and the best! Perhaps my memories are fond because I was introduced to what actually happens when a man and a woman (or a man and two women, or a load of men and a load of women) get down to sex, but it is a must see for all fans of 1970s american pornography. The simple plot (trust me this is not a spoiler) of a woman with amnesia wandering around and having lots of sex is in turns funny and sexy. Well, desiree cousteau is funny and sexy anyway. The "doctor, doctor" scene should go down as a classic adult movie moment. Find it..and watch it. And if you can find it on video/dvd please tell me where you found it; it's been 10 years since I last saw it.






































Hot enema action with Desiree Cousteau, 1 August 2006


Author: undercomer-1 from United States


The best line of the movie is when Joey Silvera hands a joint to two Girl Scouts and says"Here little girl, smoke some dope!" Latter on this mad professor gives Peaches the hose up her butt and gets a twenty foot long shot straight out of her bunghole and laps it up with true delight! I have seen other scat films and rain women, but this was the wildest I have ever seen! There was a french performer "Le Petomane" in the 1880s who used to do the same act in Paris. He would sit in a bowl of water and inhale it up his rectum and fire at a target! "Le Petomane" means "He who breaks wind", he could fart like a chicken"Kikerrekee" or do La Marsellise. He made more money than Sarah Bernhart!
















Not as good as I remember!!!, 2 August 2005

Author: thebigkalowski from here I am!


I recently got to see this again and, sadly, it's not as good as I remember. Some of it is great, in classic 70s porn style, but too many of the scene make me think of rape. The gang rape by the girls onto Peaches is not sexy or cool at all, this scene is full of dark manipulation and, if it's supposed to be funny, I'm missing the gag now. Peaches is attacked in the toilets before she get the enema forced, and you must agree it is done through force, upon her. When she is unconscious she is raped by the guy. It kind of detracts from the point of the movie. This is all a shame because the orgy at the end is great! Desiree Cousteau does her job fine, and some of the sex scene made me chuckle as I thought back to the first time I'd seen them - especially the maid who is so annoyed that her boss has got married she threatens to quit, until they invite her into their bed - hilarious! So, watch it, but don't say I haven't warned you. Maybe I'm getting old...




















No thanks, 8 September 2008


Author: Karl Self from Yurp


*** This review may contain spoilers ***


"Peaches" is a naive li'l sexpot who attends her father's wedding, who is getting hitched to another, although somewhat more rouée, li'l sexpot. After the wedding Peaches drives off, gets knocked unconscious in a car accident, and consequently raped by two drifters. When she comes to she suffers from retrograde amnesia and can't remember who she is. Her two friendly rapists take her in but stipulate that she has to get a job. Trying to remember who she is she sees a doctor, who turns out to be a freak and gives her an enema to her anguished pleas and some skiffle music. Meanwhile, her father is worried about her but has to attend to his nuptial duties first, and when his maid complains he includes her in the wedding night proceedings. And so on.


I saw Pretty Peaches about two months ago and already can't remember a thing about it. I guess this is some kind of "the mind protecting itself"-mechanism because Pretty Peaches is god-awful. For one, call me a square, but I don't find rape and forced enemas sexy. The plot is nonexistent and just rambles on. Desiree Cousteau in the title role is sexy, but she can't act for toffee. Everyone else isn't nearly as comely, but can't act either. It's not funny, it's not sexy, it's not entertaining, it's boring and quite often plain sick and disgusting. Not really what I hope to get out of a porn movie. I mean, BDSM isn't my cup either but at least it's between consenting adults. If you're into enemas and scat, have it your way. But rape and forced enemas are just beyond the pale.


This is all the more disappointing as I have seen incomparably better stuff from director Alex de Renzy. I don't usually give the lowest ranking of 1 out of 10 points, but I'll make an exception here because of the rape scene. Let's keep our scud movies clean, folks!





















Superior seventies porn!, 7 August 2008


Author: The_Void from Beverley Hills, England


For a porn film to rise above being just another entry in the genre, it really needs more than just wall to wall sex; and it is with that in mind that I name Pretty Peaches as one of the best porn films ever made. Alex De Renzy's masterpiece has so much more than just sex and actually manages to hold the audience's interest throughout with a combination of good humour, some interesting characters and a suitably wacky plot line that leaves plenty of room orgies, enemas and accidental incestuous relations. The 'Peaches' of the title refers to our heroine; a young and very naive girl who drives a jeep. She's off to see her father get married and after doing so, sets off on her own way; much to the dismay of her father. She ends up roaring across a field in a jeep and has a crash resulting in her being knocked out. A couple of guys find the girl and decide to help her, by raping her while unconscious. She wakes up with amnesia and the two guys agree to let her stay with them; on the condition she gets a job. Peaches then sets off to find who she 'really' is.


The lead role is taken by prolific porn star Desiree Cousteau, and she's just great! Films such as The Devil in Miss Jones have made me not expect much in the looks department from the lead actresses, but Cousteau bucks that trend nicely. The curvaceous buxom beauty is a delight to watch, even if her acting is not always the greatest! There's plenty of sex in the movie; but the sex scenes themselves don't go on and on as is the case with some other porn movies and they serve their purpose really well. The fact that they don't go on and on means that there's plenty of time for the film to move along quickly which ensures it doesn't get boring. Director Alex de Renzy obviously has a sense of humour too and parts of the movie (such as the build up to the rape scene towards the start of film) are very funny. As the film draws to a close; there's less focus on characters and story and more on sex and the film culminates in one great big orgy scene with a rather shocking sting in its tail! Overall, Pretty Peaches is without doubt one of the best porn films of the seventies and for that reason is highly recommended viewing!


















Campy and Fun Example of Porn as a Movie, 7 April 2009


Author: kezopster from United States


When porn first went "mainstream," it did so with a series of big screen feature films like this one from 1978. Unlike the adult films of today, movies back then aspired to be "real" entertainment. While this movie has all the depth of a Keystone Kops movie, the effort at storytelling and real movie making is clearly there. From wacky characters suitable for a hardcore sex-romp, it also features real sets, locations, and even costumes. In general, the sex scenes, while explicit, are very short. Yes, all the action is clearly shown, including porn's infamous "money shots," but gone are most of the super close-ups of body parts connecting. One gets the sense that the movie makers were more interested in showing their actors having real sex in near real time. Also absent are the implants and finely honed bodies so popular today. Additionally, as is true with most seventies erotica, the women are presented ala natural. It's main character, as portrayed by Desiree Cousteau started her movie-making career as a mainstream actress in B movies. Unable to achieve any real success, she transitioned into adult films and remained popular for many years.

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