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N.A.M. : Not Another Mistake - Anthony Maharaj - 1988

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strobien les films de vietnam !! mais je l'ai toujours pas vu




This movie is a cheap Rambo/Missing in Action 2 ripoff. The acting was horrible, the plot is rehashed from other similiar type movies. Norton shows us why he will never get beyond the "B" rated Martial Arts/Action type flicks. The scenes were amateurish. I am not suprised that noone has commented on this film. I believe that I am the only Western to have been foolish to have purchased the video. This movie I am sure was released in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia, where Norton and other "B" rated Martial Arts/Action Stars have loyal followings. This movie will not even get seen on USA or FX or any of the 7-8 different Showtimes, HBO's or any other channel that occasionally play less than stellar films. If you run by this in a video store of some kind, than go to the manager and complement him on his ability to get utter forgetable films. I sincerely believe that I am maybe in the thousands, hell maybe in the hundreds of Americans who have seen this movie. In a way it does make me somewhat glad.


I would recommend only seeing this if you can either get the video at a very cheap price under $2.00 , over that amount and you will have wasted valuable dollars.

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