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Id - Kei Fujiwara (2005)


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Le nouveau film de Kei fujiwara (Organ):


A man known as the 'Murderer' wanders through the woods. The sound of water flowing deep underground fills his head. Within the sound of the subterranean water flowing through the 'id', the realm of the subconscious mind, the 'Voice of Someone' becomes audible. The man emerging from the woods was captivated by that voice, engulfed in a raging storm and carried along by the swollen waters of a river until picked up and taken to a small steel factory in a town near the river. In front of that factory, which adjoins a pig farm, an ancient water course has been sealed with a giant spigot. The man is resonant with the 'id' water sounds of that sealed water course. Before long, incidents gradually begin to occur that affect the frugal occupants of the factory, until one morning they discover the body of the head of the factory, who has been beaten to death. The perpetrator is a female employee of the factory, and in fact it was her voice that had beckoned that man there. The hatred and sadness that those two had resonated in the realm of the 'id' brings about the appearance of the 'Humanhog' monster, which emits a rotten stench. Around that time, as if summoned by destiny, the ex-Detective that has been pursuing that man finally arrives in that factory town…"





Le trailer

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