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D@bbe - Hasan Karacadag (2005)


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The year 2005. A very large number of people start to suicide using brutal and horrible techniques and without any reasons. Starting from USA, this suicide wave spreads all over the world. In Turkey, in a small town called Selcuk, a young man kills himself after a long, regular night he spends on internet. Following the incident, his best friends start to get strange and freaky e-mails from him. They also start seeing strange and horrible creatures around themselves and this is just the begining of the apocalypse...


The title, D@bbe, comes from Dabbe-ul Arz (which could be translated from Arabic to English as "The Earth Walker") and it has been referred in the holy book of Muslims, Koran, in various verses about the end of the world as we know it. According to Koran, Dabbe is one of the many signs of the apocalypse. The holy book describes Dabbe as an entity which comes from the soil, spreads like a spider's web (remember this one) and affects many people at the same time, speaks to them, messes with their minds and causes a great violence which has not seen in the history of men before. There are many different comments on Dabbe-ul Arz for about 1.300 years among Muslims and the director's comment is based on the "world wide web" (the spider's web?) or as we call it: the internet."




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