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Mertvie docheri de Pavel Ruminov (2006)


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Here is the legend of the THREE DAUGHTERS: a crazy mother killed her three little daughters in one night. Some years later, already in a mental hospital, she was herself murdered with three types of cold steel arms.Witnesses said that it was done by three teenage girls…


The ghosts of dead daughters took revenge on their mother, but their thirst of revenge wasn’t quenched and their hatred didn’t dispel…A deadly chain reaction was put into action: those who saw last the daughters’ victim, became the object of their close attention for three days. As soon as the person did anything wrong or unfair, the ghosts held their merciless trial…


If the story is true, everyone is threatened. ALL THE FIVE OF THEM.


A lonely, intricate struggle for survival begins. Even an accidental word can be a criminal act for the revengeful ghosts. Who are these little killers? What is EVIL for them? What is SIN? What is ERROR?


Everything – beginning with a lit cigarette and ending with an accidental envious thought, can be enough for a death verdict. The thought about the daughters overpowers everyone and fear pervades every second of their existence. No one knows how the daughters look like, how they appear and how they behave. They are incomprehensible and imperceptible, like death itself.


Each of the characters finds a solution. The dynamic intertwining of five stories, each of them reflecting a unique and inventive story of the OPPOSITION BETWEEN THE CHARACTERS AND THE CURSE OF THE DEAD DAUGHTERS makes up the biggest part of the film. The rhythm doesn’t slow down even for a second.


Website http://www.ddmovie.ru/


http://www.ddmovie.ru/teasers/dead-daughters-teaser1.mov http://www.ddmovie.ru/teasers/dead-daughters-teaser2.mov




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