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Galactic gigolo - Gorman Bechard - 1988

Basculo Cui Cui

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un film que je recherche desesperement




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excruciating, 15 December 2001

Author: babeulous


Ruth Collins is cute. See her in some other movie.


I expected a bad movie but it was worse. Looks like it was shot with a hand-held 8-mm camera and ambient lighting. Most of the dialog is unintelligible. Much of the action consists of running back and forth in the woods, Benny Hill style. The "actors" spend a lot of time sitting on sofas reading cue cards. This may have been an attempt at the kind of "indie" or "underground" look that "Troma" sometimes achieves, but it failed. And it's not bad in an interesting way (e.g. _Plan 9 from Outer Space_), it's just amateurish and dull. Don't waste your time. You have been warned.




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