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Inside - Ciro De Caro (2006)


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SANDRA is a young woman recovering from a serious trauma which has devastated her life. On medical advice she moves to a secluded house in the countryside, alongside her husband IVAN. Here SANDRA starts to be haunted by disturbing apparitions and by her daughter MARTINA’S sinister premonitions, who continually talks of a devil-like presence that ‘lives’ within their house. SANDRA is pushed ever further towards the edge of madness and she starts to fear for her life and that of the child she finds she is expecting.

IVAN, initially sure that it was all in his wife’s imagination, now starts to suspect that there really is something evil in the house, something which will not die but wants to see him, his wife and baby, dead. Concerned, he asks LIDIA, a psychologist friend, for advice. Thanks to the help of OMERO, a taciturn and surly old man who has withdrawn into a lonely existence after an experience with that house, but who seems to be the only one who might know how to escape from the iniquity of that place, LIDIA starts to make out a solution.

After a series of investigations, she discovers some allarming secrets about the house , but the truth is even more terrifying than she can believe.

What is it that ‘lives’ in that house? Evil ghosts? Or is it all fruit of SANDRA’S devastated mind? Who is MARTINA? Is she really their daughter, is she really in danger? Is she another one of SANDRA’S Hallucinations, or is she the evil they should be protecting themselves from?

In a crescendo full of spine-chilling revelations, the characters will discover to their cost that nothing is what it seems and that sometimes it can be your own fear that kills you...


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