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Enorme news pour les fans de zatoichi: [quote]We've got some great news today for you Zatoichi fans out there (and judging by the amount of e-mails we get, I know there are a lot of you). We've officially confirmed with Media Blasters that the company has obtained the Region 1 DVD rights to the Japanese Zatoichi Monogatari TV series! The series ran for four seasons (in 1974, '76, '78 and '79 respectively), with approximately 100 hour-long episodes produced in all. Media Blasters is currently planning to release the entire first season (26 episodes) on DVD in 2006. If sales of that first season are good, the company will continue releasing the remaining seasons until the complete series is available on DVD. Media Blasters has promised to keep us updated as their plans develop, so keep checking back here at The Bits for the latest.[/quote] [i] Digital bits[/i]
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