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Back in blood (hg lewis)(2006 ?)


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FILM STATE 51 joins forces with legendary director Herschell Gordon Lewis

Pair to spill blood with two new horror feature films


CLEARWATER, FL (March 1, 2006) - FILM STATE 51 INTERNATIONAL, in association with legendary film director HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS, today announced two new live-action feature film projects: HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS'S GRIM FAIRY TALES and BACK IN BLOOD: REVENGE OF THE GORE-CRAZED MANIACS.

"Film State 51 is honored to have the opportunity to work with the 'Godfather of Gore'. Mr. Lewis is a cinematic pioneer and horror legend, whose work is more relevant than ever before," said Andrew Allan, president and producer, Film State 51. "His film legacy continues to grow - in both popularity and notoriety - and the world is on the verge of a major Herschell Gordon Lewis renaissance."

HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS'S GRIM FAIRY TALES marks a return to directing by Lewis, the innovator of the modern horror film, with an all-new fractured fairy tale of a TV game show where if you give a wrong answer, you may lose your head! Or a limb! "This will be my crowning cinematic achievement! We have a great production team in place, and a story that'll spray the big screens with blood," says Lewis, adding wryly, "Stage blood, of course."

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Film State 51 teams up with Herschell Gordon Lewis

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Packed with Lewis' signature scenes of cinematic gore and outrageous humor, GRIM FAIRY TALES will entertain horror and comedy fans alike. Mr. Lewis has written the script and will direct, with Film State 51 partners Andrew Allan and Andy Lalino serving as producers, and award-winning Tom Linkiewicz as editor.

BACK IN BLOOD: REVENGE OF THE GORE-CRAZED MANIACS is an all-new feature film based on characters created by Herschell Gordon Lewis. The homicidal maniacs from his most infamous horror masterpieces: Fuad Ramses (BLOOD FEAST), Montag the Magnificent (WIZARD OF GORE), Adam Sorg (COLOR ME BLOOD RED), and Rodney & Granny Pringle (THE GRUESOME TWOSOME) join forces in a diabolical plot of world domination. They're back from the grave - together for the first time ever in the same movie! "BACK IN BLOOD will be a dream come true for my fans," adds Lewis. "To see my beloved super-villains teamed up in such an ingenious story pleases me to no end. It'll be a wonderfully horrific addition to the legacy." Film State 51's award-winning filmmakers/producers Andy Lalino and Andrew Allan have authored the screenplay, and will produce and direct, with Tom Linkiewicz serving as editor.

Both projects are expected to commence production in 2006. "There are at least five different HGL projects in the works between Film State 51 and other production companies," says Lalino. "But what sets our projects apart is that they offer our audience the only HGL-related feature films which aren't remakes - the storylines are new and refreshingly original." Film State 51's Tom Linkiewicz adds:


Film State 51 teams up with Herschell Gordon Lewis

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"As devotees of the genre ourselves, we know what horror fans around the world have been longing for, and we believe these films give them every reason to get very excited."

Herschell Gordon Lewis is affectionately known as the "Godfather of Gore" for pioneering the modern horror film with his 1963 release BLOOD FEAST. It was the first film in history to depict overtly violent and gory scenes, and was an immediate success. HGL horror classics TWO-THOUSAND MANIACS!, COLOR ME BLOOD RED, and THE WIZARD OF GORE soon followed, furthering Lewis's reputation as a Master of Horror.

Famous horror icons Hannibal Lecter, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and Jason Voorhees all owe their cinema stature to the films of Herschell Gordon Lewis, a visionary who single-handedly set the rules for the modern horror movie.


About Film State 51

Film State 51 is a motion picture and television entertainment company based in Clearwater, Florida and managed by creative partners Andy Lalino, Andrew Allan, and Tom Linkiewicz. With the best original features and sequels horror fans have been demanding, Film State 51 is the newest name in high-concept horror. The Film State 51 vision is to bring the world high-quality entertainment that can be enjoyed by audiences for years to come. For further information, to arrange an interview with Film State 51 or Herschell Gordon Lewis, or to request print/web pre-release artwork, please contact Andrew Allan at (727) 204-7453 or Andy Lalino at (727) 657-9030, visit http://www.filmstate51.com, or email producers@filmstate51.com.


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