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Insel der tausend Freuden d'Hubert Frank (1978)


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Olivia Pascal

Bea Fiedler

Philippe Garnier

Marine Mervil

Lili Murati

William Levine

Roger Clency

Benjamin Paul

Otto Brem

Scarlet Gunden

Sexploitation thriller offers muddled action amid some ugly goings-on. Parts of it look very amateurishly shot. The only redeeming feature is the very handsome young male lead, Phillipe Garnier playing the young (but married) playboy Michael who, during the course of his tropical island love life manages to exhibit himself in a Mark Spitz-style bikini and subsequently in several nude scenes including the best co-ed shower sequence seen yet on film. With some judicial editing, more character and plot development,and better dubbing,this could have been quite a sexy little thriller. And why has the so promising Mr. Garnier all but disappeared from the screen?

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