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Bangkok loco - Phanchai Hongratnaphra - 2004

Basculo Cui Cui

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Year 2525 in Thai Calendar, which is also 1982, was the 200th aniversary of Bangkok. The city was filled with bright prospect and fashionable trends. Pop songs and sopa operas made Thais crazy.


In that year, Be, a young drummer, and the favourite disciple of Tuengpo, the master of "Angel's drum school", was working hard to obtain the level 10 skill of the school. However, he was suspected as a murderer and being investigated by Black Ears, a detective, and his dog, Suebue.


Be then have to prove his innocence to others. Tan joined Angel's drum school at this moment, and made Be more confident against challenges. His fleeing let him know more people, changed him a lot, and made him known among people.


Though under the threat of arrest, Be still have to compete with someone from Drum school of the King of Hell, one who have supreme skill in playing drums. Could Be beat the rival school with his school's level 10 skill?



je suis en train de le mater, c'est bien debile, bien torché, bien rythmé, bien bon tout court !



nick, si tu le vois dans un bac ou un rayon, FONCE !


merci a joe d'amato au passage !

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