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The Unforgettable - Tarsem Singh (2008)


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f you grew up in the 90s like I did, surely you remember the iconic REM video "Losing My Religion." The video won gobs of MTV awards and launched the director, Tarsem Singh, into Hollywood. His first feature, THE CELL, had an amazing visual touch but beyond that wasn't much to behold. For whatever reason, Singh returned to commercials but hasn't done much feature work since then (his only film since was the indie project THE FALL). The director known for his eye candy is looking to return to the studio world though and has signed on to direct the Warner Bros. sci-fi/thriller THE UNFORGETTABLE. The movie is based on the video game "The Condemned and follows a cop who's investigating a series of brutal deaths and what is driving people to commit vicious acts. It's a lot more complicated than that but you'll have to play the game to get the whole scoop. It should definitely provide Singh a lot of possibilities for his traditional visual flair. The script for the film was written by Kurt Sutter who recently signed on to direct a remake of ENTER THE DRAGON.


source : joblo

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