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Excreamer - Shane Mather (2004)


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Aliens, Unfriendly Toilets, A mad scientist and a rampaging zombie-like plague are just some of the things you'll find in this wild & outrageous comedy horror.


In 1971 N.A.S.A. secretly sends a spaceship full of toilets into the galaxy, it's purpose unknown, except to those in power. Now, after years floating through the cosmos it has returned, but it seems that an Alien race has inhabited the ship and has it's own sinister plans for the cargo of toilets. Suddenly people across the globe are turning into crazed, perverted lunatics and the end of mankind looms large.


What follows is a wacky & wild orgy of blood, perversion, rape and destruction in a film that is unlike any other you will ever see.


# DVD FEATURESOriginal Fullframe Version (Director's Cut)

# English audio

# Audio Commentary Shane Mather and FX Artist Dean Mather

# Behind the Scenes

# Bury the Dead (Remaining Scenes)

# Fairy Cakes & Killers (Short Film)

# Angels Wept (Short Film)

# The Inflated Man (Short Film)

# Nekro Sucks (Music Video)

# Deleted Scenes

# Little Hope (Animation)

# Bleed




We also carry another Shane Mather's release: FANTACIDE.


Please note this is a DVDr that has been officially released by Shane Mather, the Director of the movie.




Quelqu'un à vu ou entendu parler de ce film ?


Une review pas du tout positive -> http://www.eatmybrains.com/showreview.php?id=248

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