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The Pinky Violence


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Y'avait déjà un thread dessus mais pas retrouvé ! Je ne sais plus si il y'avait autant de détail et des affiches ....


September: Two 1973 Reiko Ike titles


Teruo Ishii’s FEMALE YAKUZA TALE: INQUISITION AND TORTURE (Japanese title: Yasagure Anegoden Soukatsu Rinchi or literally: Story of a Lone Elder Sister: Lynch Law Colligation)

Heroin is the contraband. Prostitutes-turned-drug-mules are the Japanese mob's new means of transporting the narcotic. Avenging angel Reiko Ike, once again, stands in the way of the Yakuza's evil machinations - wielding a blade nearly as lethal as her killer beauty. Stunning, glorious swordplay inundates this high-octane tale of gambling, smuggling and hookers gone wild.



(Japanese title: Furyou Anegoden Ino Shika Chou or literally: Story of Bad Elder Sister: Boar, Deer & Butterfly)

A frenetic, thrill-packed ride of wild period action set in Edo-era Japan, Sex & Fury pits gorgeous Reiko Ike against the violent gambling ring that killed her brother. The film is known the world over for the indelible image of stark-naked, sword-wielding Reiko slashing her way through dozens of gangsters to the groovy strains of lounge-jazz on the soundtrack. Sex & Fury also features Swedish sexbomb Christina Lindbergh (Thriller: A Cruel Picture) in a typically revealing role.


November: The PINKY VIOLENCE Collection 4-disc set


Criminal Woman: Killing Melody

(Japanese title: Zenka Onna Karoshi Bushi)

Kicking off the internationally renowned action series known as Zero Woman, Miki Sugimoto electrifies Criminal Woman: Killing Melody with raw sexuality, searing physical prowess and a reckless passion for revenge. The violence is as hard as the women are beautiful and when it comes time for the naked knife-fights - look out!


Terrifying Girls' High School: Lynch Law Classroom

(Japanese title: Kyoufu Joshi Koukou Bouroku Rinchi Kyoushitsu)

Terrifying Girls' High School opens with a female school clique bloodletting a fellow student amidst verbal abuse and harsh accusation. The terrified girl breaks free of the life-draining vacuum syringe and races to the roof, where her tormentors force her off the ledge and stomp on her fingers until she falls to her death. This is all before the main titles! And that clique? They aren't even the real bad girls! This is reform school, and the new crop of inmates (whose apprehension we witness) includes Miki Sugimoto and Reiko Ike. This is like Mean Girls via Caged Heat as written by Jess Franco and directed by Russ Meyer. All those Takashi Miike fans need to check out this film.


Girl Boss Guerilla

(Japanese title: Sukeban Gerira)

Female bikers! Catfights! Gang violence! Sukeban Guerilla expands on classic exploitation "bad girl" archetypes with an explosive abandon. Fans of Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and Switchblade Sisters should brace themselves for the be-all, end-all and show-all of what's possible in the realms of grindhouse girls gone way-past-wild.


Delinquent Girl Boss: Worthless To Confess

(Japanese title: Zubenko Bancho Zange No Neuchi Mo Nai)

This was the final entry in the Zubeko Bancho series, with sexy-and-sweet Reiko Oshida heading up a cast of gangster-girl wannabes in a go-go dancing maelstrom of Japanese music, fashion and kitsch. Truly a film that defies description, but imagine a Jack Hill production of Hair with an unsupervised Riot Girl cast, and you're starting to get the picture. The result is a delicious example of Japanese pop culture in high transition from the groovy '60s to the dangerous '70s.




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