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Blazin' - Marcos Antonio Miranda - 2001

Basculo Cui Cui

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Blazin' starring rappers Fat Joe (Thicker than Blood, Prison Song), Cuban Link (Terror Squad) and Angie Martinez (Russell Simmons' One World, Hot 97 Air Personality) features some of the most exciting Hong Kong style action ever seen on film. Blazin' centers on a nightclub called Domain where Sam, played by Sasha Knopf (Black Male) and Alex, played by newcomer Michael Wehrhahn, fall in love. When Sam's mother Langstrom, played by Paula Roth (Independence Day), forbids her to see Alex a tidal wave of betrayal and revenge ensues.


As a result Victor, Marcos Antonio Miranda (Destination Unknown and Once Upon a Ride), is sent to protect Alex. While attempting to help Sam and Alex escape Langstrom's hit men, Victor enlists the help of street informant Big Jay (Fat Joe) and his crew, Pete (Cuban Link) and Micki (Angie Martinez).


Blazin' with Joe Bono (Casino, Raging Bull), Lee Wong (New York Undercover), Roberto Lopez (Once Upon a Time in China, Trinity Goes East), and Willi One Blood (The Professional), delivers one of the most climatic, violent and spectacular endings audiences will ever see in an independent film.


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